There are actual living people who believe the Earth is flat. Not kidding. There’s a Flat Earth Society Facebook group with 37,000 members.

But to me, a flat-earther is not just, well, a literal flat-earther. It’s anyone who chooses to remain willfully ignorant by refusing to believe proven knowledge. If you believe evolution is fake and Earth is closer to 10,000 than 4.5 billion years old, you’re a flat-earther. (Cheers, Mike Pence!) If you believe global warming is fake, you’re a flat-earther. And this includes what I call the Dunning-Kruger version of climate change denial: “Climate’s been changing for a long time, so don’t blame humans!” Yes, you, Captain Keystone Pipeline. Your Facebook feed is not more knowledgeable than the 97% of climate scientists who say that anthropogenic climate change is a serious threat to civilization.

If you believe COVID-19 is a hoax, or NBD, you’re a flat-earther; 480,000 and counting Americans are not pretending to be dead. Paying hospitals money to “pump up” the numbers is not a thing, outside of your delusional Newsmax and Epoch Times fantasies. If you’re anti-mask during a pandemic, you’re a flat-earther. Sorry folks, your cult leader lost. No more mask-less superspreader rallies! Time to show basic human dignity in public and wear the darn mask. If you believe Donald Trump won an election he lost by 7 million votes, you’re a flat-earther. Come on, conservative white people, you’re already overvalued by the Electoral College and over represented in the Senate. Was it really necessary to storm the Capitol and try to throw out Black votes from Atlanta, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Detroit?

And finally, if you’re an anti-vaxxer, you’re a flat-earther. The only way out of this pandemic is getting the vast majority of adults vaccinated against COVID-19.

You know why measles, mumps and rubella are rare? You know why no president since Franklin Roosevelt has had polio? Vaccines! They work. They’re not dangerous.

Are you going to trust scientists or your buddy with a MAGA hat who read something on the internet? Are you going to get vaccinated and help bring humanity out of this pandemic, or are you planning on enjoying the benefits of society reopening without doing your part to make it happen?

Sean Pidgeon


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Skye Opel

Enjoyed reading your letter, perhaps because it represents my own thoughts so accurately. Thanks for laying it out!


After being alive during a 100 year pandemic new conclusions will be drawn everywhere on the planet. Sean writes many words describing a DOUBTER but even that is no longer applicable or none of the above. Every thinking being on the planet now knows why they are here.

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