Like Trump, Stefanik offers empty words

Fifty years ago, Martha Foley Smith was a fellow classmate of mine at St. Lawrence University. We knew each other only in passing during our college years.

But ever since, I have followed her career as a reporter, news editor and director for North Country Public Radio. Simply put, she was very good.

Her reporting was always detailed, well sourced and researched. She engaged in many community activities and created special programs and features for NCPR, including co-hosting the program “Natural Selections” with Curt Stager.

I can hardly imagine all the things I would have missed in my life if not for Martha’s decades of dedication to her career, to St. Lawrence University and to her community. I hope she will wear the attack on her by U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik as a badge of honor. To quote the Nov. 5 editorial in the Watertown Daily Times on the matter: “Stefanik grossly exaggerated the situation. … Stefanik’s demand for an audit of NCPR’s activities is ridiculous.”

I have no doubt Martha regrets what happened after using her SLC email during her campaign. It is the sort of thing I suspect any of us might do.

We have become so used to using email and all social media with such frequency that anyone could have made such a small error, especially someone not steeped in the craziness of politics. In my opinion, Smith has contributed more to our small part of the world than Stefanik will if she lives to be 100.

Thanks, Martha, for all you have done for the north country. This is an unbelievably difficult time for anyone to decide to step up and offer themselves to help in local government.

It takes real courage. There is so much anger out there.

But even in retirement, Martha continues to want to help her community. I hope she will try again.

Chris Angus


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During Covid generated stress, many of us are not as attentive to detail as we have been before. I see myself forgetful and making mistakes. We must be understanding of one another during these difficult times that challenge all of us including our functioning.

Terry de a Vega

I could not agree more with Mr Angus's letter. Martha Foley Smith, has contributed to improving the quality of life in our beloved north country for decades, as a journalist, and as a person who cares about our region. Thank you, Martha.

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