Trump’s election didn’t reflect will of voters

With the imminent closing of the Great American supermarket in Watertown, we now have what is referred to as a “food desert” in downtown Watertown. This seems to be of no concern to the powers that be in city government as I have not heard it mentioned.

The lack of nutritious food being available to inner city residents apparently is of no concern to the City Council. This should be duly noted by voting inner city residents during the next election.

RB McDonald


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Do you want the city to run a grocery store or give some kind of tax incentive for someone to start one? There are plenty of grocery stores in Watertown and it's only three miles across. They do tend to be at the outskirts though. So some people might have to go a mile or so? I guess Great American didn't make it because there was not enough demand, since everybody who has a car drives to one of the larger stores.

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