Your front page on Aug. 11 read like a tabloid, rejoicing in the political demise of Gov. Andrew Cuomo. That demise is sad because he was a good and strong governor in some ways. He confronted the novel coronavirus when the Groper-in-Chief turned his back and lied about it.

And the boasting Groper-in-Chief had the backing of Elise Stefanik, who rejoiced (Page 6A). As Mark Antony said in William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”: “The evil men do lives after them. The good is oft interred with their bones.”

Arthur L. Johnson


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hermit thrush

cuomo was not as bad a governor as trump was a president, but cuomo still deserved to go. it is a real credit to the democratic party that they actually forced him out (obviously he would not have gone otherwise). the republican party, full of loathsome figures like elise stefanik, did nothing but enable trump.

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