Paper must fact-check Cuomo’s comments

I too have been a faithful reader of the Watertown Daily Times for decades, and I couldn’t agree more with the assessment of Joyce Brown’s husband of the comic pages in her letter of Jan. 5. After reading the obituaries, sports pages, Jumble, Crossword and Maze, I enjoy reading the funnies. I miss most of all “Blondie” and “Baby Blues” as well as “Shoe” and “Zits.”

I have wondered for a while what ever happened to the excellent strip “Curtis.” I called the Times on several occasions about it but never received an explanation of why it was dropped. The new comics “Nancy,” “Dark Side of the Horse” and “Heart of the City” (a new writer) are very lame and should be replaced with something more enlightening, readable, educational and — maybe, just maybe — even funny!

David C. Stoodley


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Couldn't agree more... we get home delivery.. to most of the local, national, and world news is already 2 days old...which is eons in today's news world... What we did enjoy were the daily funnies ....and quiz- now gone... articles updates.... drowning in Black Lake for victim ... man who fell 100 feet status... Rather than a opinion poll on our New Year's Resolution status..who cares... ask about what readers are looking for ...and responding to same...

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