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I was at a meeting with about 20 people the other day and a woman said, “I hate this constant rain.” Someone else said, “Welcome to global warming.” A third person said, “We don’t talk politics here.”

When did scientific facts become political, and when did opinion trump facts? The answer is, when big energy and other corporations began to poo-poo the work of thousands of atmospheric and other scientists worldwide to maintain their hold over all of us for their own profits — this, regardless of the long-term consequences. After all, they will be gone when carbon dioxide levels reach a point that billions around the world are dying of starvation; why should they not be greedy?

The U.S. Department of Defense has issued a report stating that the greatest threat to peace is global warming. Other government agencies have scientific reports that point out global warming is the ultimate existential threat to human life on Earth. These reports come from the Trump administration in spite of President Donald Trump’s insistence — with incidentally, no personal scientific background or advisers — that the whole idea is a hoax.

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, whom I once thought was intelligent, wrote an “essay” on how, instead of governments undertaking programs to slow global warming, we should turn to the free market for a solution. Although she is a Harvard graduate, she should be writing fairy tales, not serious papers. The market is already there. And with the price of photovoltaics plunging, the result will be some solar energy improvements. But not because Elise said so. But we need more than personal finances to incentivize the needed changes. We need serious interventions by all governments around the world and soon.

It is time people start talking about global warming at card parties. The interaction of infrared radiation and carbon dioxide is really not that complicated or hard to understand.

James Monroe


The writer is professor emeritus of physics at SUNY Canton. He previously served as a member and director of the Energy Commission of the state Assembly and Senate.

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Whadaya think hermit? Can you learn something from McElroy's expertise in atmospheric science?[tongue]

hermit thrush

good letter.


As I understand global warming it is carbon dioxide suspended in the atmosphere preventing heat from escaping the planet. Carbon dioxide has a physical presents and it can be removed. Why all this rain? Is nature taking care of the excess of carbon dioxide? The planet may have mechanisms to correct imbalances.

hermit thrush

how are you going to remove the co2? if the planet "may" have mechanisms to correct imbalances, then why does the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere keep going up up up?


"up, up, up" is your problem I'm attempting to bring it down and be absorbed into the soil balancing our atmosphere's composition. CO2 is 1.5 times heavier than air and when released from your tailpipe it is a hot gas which makes it lighter than air. After it rises and cools it becomes heavier and gravity takes it down. The excess of rain, of late also brings it back to ground. Quit driving.

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