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It’s not over!

In the entire history of New York state’s governorship, only one prior governor was impeached and not for any crime related to sexual misconduct. On Aug. 10, Gov. Andrew Cuomo wisely, if reluctantly, capitulated to the overwhelming desire of both Democratic and Republican voters, party officials, state senators and representatives plus President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that he resign.

Although, one might interpret his address as suggesting he is still unwilling to view his errant behavior as being impeachable offences. Indeed, he seems to continue to hold the self-comforting, narcissist notion that he has either done nothing bad enough to deserve impeachment or that what he has done could simply be excused by saying “I’m sorry.”

Unfortunately for Gov. Cuomo, expressing contrition (if he really is contrite) is simply not enough. Not when his female accusers experienced prolonged emotional stresses at his expense while trying to continue functioning professionally in his presence in various toxic “What will he try next” situations.

Still in cue are areas of investigation into Cuomo’s authoritarian rule-bending. Such as the attorney general’s office revealing Cuomo’s administration’s official tally of COVID-19 deaths among nursing home residents across the state of more than 8,000 deaths was incorrect and Cuomo’s administration purposely reported a lower number so his administration would not look bad. According to AG’s report, more than 12,000 nursing home residents died from COVID-19. Remember, it was his directive sending patients to nursing homes who had been hospitalized for COVID-19. Also, his abuse of power utilizing his staff in preparing his coronavirus-related book while we were in the midst of a pandemic.

The victims who will never again see their loved ones who were sent to nursing homes as a result of Cuomo’s directive during this pandemic who died due to COVID-19 deserve justice.

Even after his largely self-effacing resignation speech, it behooves all county Republican organizations and their chairs to continue decrying Cuomo’s so-called “management style” and make the point to voters that it is not acceptable for a leader!

The New York State North Country GOP and Capital District chairmen/chairwomen joined together demanding the Assembly Judiciary Committee continue the impeachment process. Precedence has been set. Just because you are out of office does not mean the impeachment process is halted. Action needs to be taken and not dropped. This is not over!

Susan E. McNeil

Chairwoman, Fulton County Republican Committee/vice chairman, New York State GOP Capital District

John Gereau

Chairman, Essex County Republican Committee/vice chairman, New York State GOP North Country

William Herrick

Chairman, Washington County Republican Committee

Randy Bashwinger

Chairman, Albany County Republican Committee

Clark Currier

Chairman, Clinton County Republican Committee

Kevin Mulverhill

Chairman, Franklin County Republican Committee

Brent Bogardus

Chairman, Greene County Republican Committee

Clark Seaman

Chairman, Hamilton County Republican Committee

Sylvia Rowan

Chairwoman, Herkimer County Republican Committee

Don Coon

Chairman, Jefferson County Republican Committee

Michael McMahon

Chairman, Montgomery County Republican Committee

John Rustin

Chairman Rensselaer County Republican Committee

Carl Zeilman

Chairman, Saratoga County Republican Committee

Christopher Koetzle

Chairman, Schenectady County Republican Committee

Chris Tague

Chairman, Schoharie County Republican Committee

Nancy Martin

Chairwoman, St. Lawrence County Republican Committee

Roger Roscoe

Chairman, Ulster County Republican Committee

George Ferone

Chairman, Warren County Republican Committee

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(2) comments


Good letter. I assume all those folks who signed it are equally supportive of the January 6th Committee and will support any recommendations for actions that should be taken against Trump and any others responsible for inciting a seditionist mob.

hermit thrush

"Just because you are out of office does not mean the impeachment process is halted. Action needs to be taken and not dropped."

funny but exactly zero of these people made this argument when it came to trump's second impeachment.

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