After watching the impeachment hearings in Washington, I am awfully disappointed in U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s undying support for a president who is about to be impeached. Instead of searching for the truth, all she seemed to want to do is belittle and demean the careers of dedicated public servants who put their reputations of lifelong service to this country on the line to testify.

She said their testimony was irrelevant and useless because it may be secondhand information. These people have been in Washington a lot longer than she has. They know what is going on.

All Elise Stefanik has to do is to listen to their testimony instead of listening to Sean Hannity of Fox News. She also would know what is going on in the White House.

President Donald Trump has a masterful way of deceiving people in general and has the ability to direct his hand-picked people to carry out his wishes without uttering a word to that effect, just his expressions. This way when things go positive, he can boast and take credit. But when things go badly, he will claim he knows nothing about the problem and barely the people whom he hand-picked to carry it out, like the Ukraine scandal.

I was a registered Republican for more than 60 years, believing in the GOP conservative way. But when Donald Trump gave huge tax breaks to large corporations and the rich, leaving us with a $1 trillion-a-year deficit, this is not being conservative.

The GOP we used to know is no longer. Now we have Trumpism.

Donald Trump spends more money on lawyers trying to defend his lawless agenda than most of us will earn in a lifetime. It takes many lawyers and numerous appeals to defend the guilty — most of it being taxpayer money.

Not wanting any part of Trumpism, I switched to being a Democrat. I don’t always believe in all their liberal ways. But when it comes to standing up for the general public, defending our Constitution and our way of life envied the world over, they do much better than Republicans do now.

Therefore, I will be voting for Tedra Cobb come November.

Charles Bullak


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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The president was just fined 2 million dollars for defrauding eight charities. That is an actual crime! All we get from the press and the right wing is "crickets".


So now you want to vote for people who will spend more money? Interesting angle. But you have that right sir. Beat them at the ballot box. It's our way of government. Best of luck!!

Holmes -- the real one

What was the deficit during Obama's time in the White House?

What was the deficit with Clinton?

It's so cool that you care about government spending.


The "Moral Majority" would like you to remember "character counts" for the "family values party". Also Trump brags about cheating on all three of his wives and is so corrupt American banks won't loan to him. No hypocrisy at all!

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