Our wars have added to world refugee crisis

“I know Joe Biden needs to have a cue card given to him by his staff.”

That’s the sort of casual ageism I expect from U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik.

Also, not “President” Biden.

But she can’t admit that he won the election, you know.

Since Biden is running a highly competent, scandal-free, drama-free White House, maybe the previous guy should’ve tried cue cards.

Former President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, celebrated Memorial Day weekend by supporting the idea of a Myanmar-style coup in this country.

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?

Former Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock said that if Trump went missing, very few congressional Republicans would join a search party.

No doubt Stefanik is among those who’d love to see him disappear.

Killing the Jan. 6 commission is as much about memory holing Trump as it is the attack.

Rep. Liz Cheney is at least being honest.

In the meantime, our rep has to say things like the New York investigation into Trump’s business is “politically motivated.”

She’s displaying the same respect for American justice as she showed for American democracy on Jan. 6.

At some point, the GOP has to admit, en masse, that Biden won and Trump lost.

Until they do, he controls them because, I guess, he’s still the president?

Or he’s going to be in August?

Admit it, guys.

The relationship is over.

He’s not really into you, and you can’t stand him either.

The kids will get over it.

Kevin Robbins

Fort Edward

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Pat Luppens

The GOP must NOT admit that Trump lost the election because they need to keep the element of doubt alive while they put the voting system out of reach for most Americans leaving only available to their most trusted supporters. It's time that we admit that the Reagan Revolution was a success and that we now live in oligarchy which is moving toward a fascism. Courts from the Supreme Court on down are dominated by lackeys of the billionaire class and large corporations. Unions are almost non-existent and powerless. The majority of the state governments are passing laws to restrict voting. All that is left is to silence the mainstream media and replace it with the powerful propaganda machine they have built over the last two decades. Life for my grandchildren is going to be difficult.


On its current course, the Republican Party is headed towards destruction of itself or of democracy. Neither is a good alternative.

I saw an interview with Adam Kinzinger where he used an adage I hadn’t heard before. He said liberalism exists to pull conservatives forward. Conservatism exists to keep liberals from going too far. I don’t know how much he and I would agree on politically, but at least we embrace a shared reality. Neither of us hail Donald Trump as the current president. The vast majority of the Republican Congress cannot say that Biden won a free and fair election. That includes our rep who has to play games like congratulating him for being “sworn into office.”

A post-truth era would leave the US looking a lot like any despotic country you see around the world.


Its easy to run a "highly competent, scandal-free, drama-free" operation when the sycophantic press is on your side. Everyone from Brian Stelter to Jerry Moore is waving pom poms now. Meanwhile, Sippy Cup Joe is resting peacefully. Scandal free? What about the illegals streaming across the southern border whe the northern border remains closed. The press, including the WDT, is afraid of confronting this debacle because it works. Biden-Harris (notice Kamala is included even though she hasn't been to the border) is shipping migrants to red and purple states at taxpayer expense to alter the political balance. Think again if you believe these people won't be voting soon. What about the lack of response by Sippy to the ransomeware attacks. What about his approval of the Russian pipeline and halting of the US pipeline? What about his failure to show strength to the Chinese after they engineered a virus that brought us to our knees. Wake up readers. Liberals like this LTE writer are dragging us to oblivion, all while pretending to love this country! We'd better get this country back on track quick, before its too late.

hermit thrush

the republican party writ large is nothing but a bunch of petulant children who can't accept reality.


GOP will continue to struggle to have it's conservative policies at the front of their ballot as long as Trump continues to push the lies... Other than Cheney and minority of GOPers..the rest won't put the country first.. It's not where have you gone Joe DiMaggio... it's where have you gone John McCain.. Sad....

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