Medicare for All could save people money

Here we go again, another fear-mongering letter from Bart Bonner (“Lefties want to cancel Second Amendment,” Aug. 6). The cry of “They’re going to take our guns away” is getting old and tired.

How many people have to die before we address the issue of gun violence in the United States? Echoing Herbert Hoover’s call for a “Chicken in every pot,” Mr. Bonner would like to see a gun in every hand.

The idea that weapons designed specifically to kill people should be readily available to the general public is asinine. No one is saying ban all guns. The Second Amendment was written in an era when people used muskets.

If government agencies were allowed to research solutions, and if Congress took the appropriate measures now, we would all be safer from the ravages of gun violence. Every community can honestly say that the next incident of mass killing could be in their neighborhood or school. The idea that guns are needed to protect our homes flies in the face of a 1993 study (New England Journal of Medicine) indicating that a gun in a home is more likely to be used in a homicide or suicide in a household than used to protect the home.

White supremacy, which had gone underground in recent years, has been emboldened by our president and has raised its ugly head again. We can no longer remain silent to this scourge on American society.

There is one thing Mr. Bonner mentioned with which I agree. I, too, want to thank LBJ for the Great Society, but I think one of us is being facetious.

Jon Hall


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hermit thrush

good letter.

Holmes -- the real one

Good letter, Jon Hall.


Did you ever notice that gun nuts think mass shootings only happen in "Gun-free zones"? Imagine being so ignorant that you think a Wal-Mart is a gun-free zone. They sell guns there, you can open carry in a Wal-Mart and multiple mass shootings have happened in Wal-Marts. When one half is so ignorant about guns they don't even know the basic facts from the current news, how do you have a debate?

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