GOP is not helping folks who are struggling

Another mass shooting: an event that does not occur in most countries around the world and in spite of statistics that show 70% of Americans are in favor of making assault weapons illegal.

And every time there is a shooting the politicians that cannot agree to ban these weapons that have no other purpose than to kill people say the same thing: “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those who were killed.”

The average life expectancy in the United States is 78.5 years. The cumulative life expectancy of the 10 people killed by the lone murderer this week comes to 314 years. Ten people died, and 314 years of life were snuffed out for the benefit of another person with an assault weapon who had no sense of decency.

The governor of Colorado spoke and said his heart went out to the families. Yet he made no mention that there is any possible way to stop these horrible crimes. We must stop the sales of assault weapons.

Each person killed has survivors whose lives have been shattered: the parents of the youngest killed in their early 20s; the father of seven children who have had a horrible life-changing tragedy; the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles and relatives of all kinds will be impacted for life. Just so someone on the fringe can have a toy.

Let’s get smart. We do not need these weapons for anything! They must be outlawed.

I know some who read this will say, “This guy wants to take our guns away.” Yes. I want the government to take every assault weapon away. With the misery one shooter can cause in a matter of minutes, only a sadist would want to allow assault weapons to be legal.

James Monroe


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Regulating sales is enough, confiscation is not necessary. Most gun crimes, especially the senseless mass shootings, happen this way: somebody decides to do a crime, then goes out and gets a gun to do it with. They never do it with grandpa's old 30-06. They use something sexy that they've had for a week. Further, the people who have long had guns, and never have misused them, are likely not to suddenly start, unlike someone who has suddenly decided they need one for something.

Charlie McGrath

Jim, you are blind to the reason for the second amendment. One incident by a mentally ill person and you want to begin to disarm all the people. It was not an assault rifle! Back in the late 1700s the colonists had the same weapons that the British had. That's why we are still free. Now that the government has more sophisticated weapons you suggest that we the people allow the gap to be widened between the power of the government and the people. The democrats are showing their stripes by moving toward authoritarianism. Once they feel comfortable that the gap is great enough they will move against the people. It's the natural progression of power. Hand guns are used in the greatest number of mass shootings.

You communists are really trying hard aren't you.


Another mass shooting last night... 20 dead in a week.... why is it in a country awash in firearms these aren't stopped.. .that's the NRA's rational right? More guns = less violence..


Any nation that writes a 2nd amendment into their constitution must have a stable populace. We don't and have allowed the sales of weapons that kill to anyone. They can be purchased legally or illegally and now they are out there and how you going to get them. The horse is out of the barn and we can't go back. No one told us unstable people should not be allowed gun rights in their constitution. Oy vey.


No one needs an AR to hunt, protect their home, or for recreation.. AR's were banned for 10 years until Bush failed to renew... that was supported by Reagan, Ford and Carter... The politicians who are against it should be made to attend the funerals of the victims... starting with Sandy Hook. as a lifelong sportsman .. hunter my position changed after Sandy Hook... until gun shops can anticipate the intent or mental stability of the purchaser, AR's shouldn't be an option ...for only the military and law enforcement..

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