Infrastructure bill will benefit entire nation

It has been my pleasure knowing Alex Hammond and watching his maturity and accomplishments flourish beyond one’s expectation, whether it be in his educational pursuits that exceeded the highest accomplishments, his military ranks obtained at such an early age and the distinguished implementation of the novel coronavirus clinic at SUNY Potsdam during the massive inoculation of the general population.

Alex has been Waddington supervisor for the past four years, which we all have known have been very turbulent in and of themselves with just dealing with the pandemic and the woes that it caused. But Alex managed with his staff to maintain “calm and courteous” care of his constituents and was always looking for ways to increase our way to save money for our taxpayers.

He accomplished a balanced budget, which restored fiscal responsibility and ensured a stable tax rate (which is essential for us older senior citizens), committed to strong economic development such as working with our Highway Department and the Joint Recreation Department and the working together with the town and village to create our long-needed museum to preserve our history of our beautiful town and village. He also is working with the restoration of the Old Town Hall and continues to serve the community through our library.

For such a young elected official, Alex has an enlightened vision: He sees the value in preserving and restoring one of our most beautiful older homes on Main Street and has brought back the Waddington Classic Car Cruise-In. He also has a true community spirit in helping those in need.

I for one can attribute to that: I had the misfortune of hitting a deer and low and behold, a phone call came from Alex Hammond asking if there was anything he could do for me without a vehicle. In fact, there was, a ride needed to the car rental place to pick up a car early a.m. — Alex was there to the task, an hour before his scheduled time for his employment.

Yes. This is the true young leadership and community spirit to lead us into the future with knowledge, understanding and compassion beyond the proven productivity that Alex has proven to us. Let’s give him the chance to continue the growth of our beautiful town of Waddington.

Judy Jones


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