Storie has talent to serve as county judge

I invite you to consider a vote for Alex Hammond of Waddington for state Assembly and offer my observations of his dedication to the north country. I do not live in Alex’s district, but our area has a united main school that is split between two towns covered by different representatives.

Alex has what is needed for our area and our state. The novel coronavirus pandemic has had such a great impact on all of our lives, with new rules, requirements, safety protocols and concerns we need to address every moment we are in public.

I have witnessed Alex’s strength in times of concern, grief and hard work. His ability to respect others is one of his main tributes.

He listens. He will tell you straight up if he has an answer. And when he does not have an answer, he will get back to you as soon as he is able to obtain one.

He will also be honest with you. If he is not able to do something, he does say “no” from time to time. Who does that?

I lose faith in people who say, “Oh, OK, I will get back to you” and then do not. That fluff of political banter is not Alex.

He does not have time for it and does not waste our time with it. He has new views on how to approach our needs.

He knows that we are all tired of seeing the same easy, old way of leadership. Alex knows this is no longer working for the north country.

Family, faith, commitment, community, and respect are in every step he takes. I have confidence in his compassion, his desire, and his vision of what he can bring to us all when he takes his seat in Albany. Alex has the respect of our local families, elders and veterans, and he returns that respect, not only to those that can vote for him, but those that cannot.

If you wish for a new view on how to represent the north country, I respectfully invite you to look at his campaign website and Facebook page. If you feel respect to all is needed, and that we need people in Albany working for us rather than for their own personal gains, then it is time to seek new leadership.

I respectfully suggest Alex Hammond.

Anna Campbell


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