I am writing this letter in support of our Waddington Town Supervisor Alex Hammond.

I had the honor of serving the village of Waddington as your mayor for 12 years. As with any elective office there is a learning curve, and I certainly had one being your mayor here in Waddington.

We realize it’s not “I” anymore; it’s “Us” — the whole community. One recognizes that other people have ideas as well, such as the hopes they have for the future growth and development of our town/village. You learn to listen to each person’s ideas, which have value and are worthy of consideration as coming from your fellow residents.

You also learn that it’s very important to effectively interact with outside agencies. Alex has done this with county, state and federal officials.

He realizes there is more to this job than sitting in the seat and not listening to others’ opinions. He has learned over the last four years that you can be firm but also able to flexibly see another person’s perspective on issues.

A town supervisor must also, like Alex, attend important meetings of agencies/committees such as NYPA, RVRDA, Local Government Task Force, county, state, recreational, budget, etc., and be prepared for fruitful discussion.

I had the pleasure of working alongside Alex for the last two years of my term. Alex Hammond has learned much in his first term as our supervisor, and his commitment to and advocacy for Waddington remains steadfast.

He has loved Waddington and its history since he was a child and readily shares its history with others. Alex could have left the north country and made his life elsewhere with a military career, but he chose to stay home here in Waddington where his heart is. I support our town supervisor, and I hope on Election Day you will also. Thank you.

Janet Otto-Cassada


The writer is former mayor of the village of Waddington.

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