Train-spotting in Potsdam attracts attention

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell is the latest elected official to become a casualty of the 30 pieces of silver syndrome in U.S. politics. He has come out of the closet as a Russian asset. Moscow Mitch vetoed a congressional bill for voting security after every U.S. intelligence agency stated that Russia is invading our electoral process!

How can the formerly patriotic Republican Party make such a complete and abrupt flip-flop to a foreigners’ side behind a personality cult in just two short years? Maybe the Republican Party was never actually that patriotic after all. Republicans started as a state’s right party against the Federalist Party, which wanted a federal government.

Now let’s switch to Nancy Pelosi. I have finally figured out what her long game is with Donald Trump. She is planning a double-whammy on Trump no matter what happens in the next election. By letting the 2020 election go first is the first chance to dump Trump while continuing all the investigations, which will strengthen the impeachment case if he is re-elected. Also, the Dems stand a good chance to gain seats in the Senate. If he is not re-elected, Trump may become a defendant in federal court on all the federal crimes he is accused of committing while in office. That may be when he goes to Russia to build his next Trump tower. On either side of the next election, Nancy is getting paperwork ready for the outlaw. She is Trump’s worst nightmare. As Nancy’s daughter said, “She can cut your head off, and you won’t even know you’re bleeding.”

In closing, I want to remind all Americans of George Washington’s warning against political parties. He warned that political parties would produce citizens more loyal to their party than their nation, which is unacceptable.

No party should have a forever place on the floor of Congress. There should be no aisle! Seating should be alphabetical. Only duly elected congressmen doing their jobs should be allowed on the floor. Political parties create division from the start and should not be allowed on the floor of Congress. Congress has to work together or our great American experiment of a working man’s democracy has failed. Listen to Washington’s warning, America; don’t be willfully blind.

Edward L. Barlow


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Fixing the seating arrangements won't fix the party system. The rules of the congressional chambers would need to change to not have the parties built in so much. Let's see if the parties will support a plan like that. Not without a groundswell asking for it, and there are so many other more important things being thrown at us to groundswell about.

Holmes -- the real one

Good letter, Edward L. Barlow.

It is stunningly ironic that we would find a comment here that disparages the warning that blind identification with a political party would yield citizens who are more loyal to their party than their nation.

But hey, irony.....


I was looking forward to this letter than saw it was just another anti republican hit piece...sigh... Pelosi? Wow, ouch. Sad. Yikes. She has no control over her party and this writer is banking on her to execute some sort of strategy. Wow!

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