Jan. 6 hearings show Trump’s corruption

Recently, Gov. Kathy Hochul signed into law a bill that restricts law-abiding Americans in exercising their constitutional right to carry arms. One of the restrictions of this bill was denying the right for individuals from conceal/carry in what are being referred to as “sensitive areas,” one these areas being churches.

I find this absurd, and it seems our governor, who claims to be a devout Catholic, is knowingly stripping people of faith the right to protect themselves. There has already been a church shooting this year, and it is common knowledge that houses of worship are prime targets for mass shooters.

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As a person of faith why not let God protect you? I find your serious lack of faith in your Creator seriously disturbing. Where in the Bible does it say "Thy Shalt Kill thy enemy with a concealed weapon"? Go ye to church and pray that you will not receive eternal damnation for your lack of faith in Him! The Lord protect you, sinner!

Farmer Liz

Elise tried to stop the Constitutional peaceful transfer of power on Jan. 6, immediately following an assault on the Capitol. I never again want to hear about her upholding the Constitution. You can't pick and choose.


The "good guy with a gun" myth has been thoroughly debunked. Uvalde, TX being the most recent example of many. The damage a single modern assault rifle can do was not something the founders could have predicted. They don't belong in the hands of an ordinary untrained civilian, and certainly not angst-filled teenage outcasts. I went through substantial safety training during my 20-years as an active duty Soldier and its honestly a little insulting how easy it is for someone with little or no training to drive home with a weapon that can be used to murder dozens of unsuspecting people before anyone even has time to realize what's happening.

But what really strikes me as odd in this letter is the suggestion that Elise Stefanik is a "constitutional conservative." I'll give you the conservative bit but, in case you haven't been keeping up with the Jan 6 hearings, she aided Trump in spreading lies that were part of an attempt to keep him in power and discard the rule of law. Luckily, actual patriots prevailed and a disaster was avoided. I'm guessing like all the other pro-stefanik letters you're on her payroll. If I were you I'd resign in a hurry. She's the captain of a burning ship.


So guard your church from your car in the parking lot. Or right outside the doors for that matter. Surely the church wants you posted there as a guard. Or did you just want to bring your gun in without permission?

Joseph Savoca

Recently, Gov. Kathy Hochul signed into law a bill that restricts law-abiding Americans in exercising their constitutional right to carry arms.

Every law applies to everyone, law-abiding Americans as well as the non-law-abiding Americans. There are no special laws for one group or the other. It is a rhetorical trick used by some to stir emotions.

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