Unvaxxed nurses should leave profession

The Mission Statement of Hospice of Jefferson County states:

To provide expert, compassionate, comprehensive care and service to individuals and their loved ones experiencing life-limiting illness and loss.

For nearly five years, I have had the privilege of serving on the Hospice Foundation Board.

On Monday evening, I attended the Watertown City Council meeting.

I can’t adequately explain how disappointed I was to learn that some of the City Council members would deny our funding request to help finance the Hospice expansion project.

This money from the American Rescue Plan would have benefited the Hospice expansive plan significantly.

The project falls under the American Rescue Plan funding because it involves making improvements to the facility’s ventilation system during the pandemic.

These are federal dollars and should be awarded in a “compassionate and caring manner.”

There is an old Christian hymn that states:

“You will know we are Christians by our love, by our love.”

It seems to me that certain members of the City Council didn’t demonstrate much Christian love by their recent actions.

We deserve better!

The Rev. Donald A. Robinson


The writer is pastor of Immaculate Conception in Brownville and St. Andrew’s, Sackets Harbor.

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Don't know much about the complications of grants and such, or the associated city politics, but the price tag seemed a bit high to me. Grant programs seem to be susceptible to waste like that. Not against government helping nonprofits or even promoting business in a community (if the deal is right) but maybe steady budgets (an allowance to be hoarded) are better than these ad hoc lump sums. "Here's huge pile of money if you can find a way to spend it fast enough!"

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