To the editor,

As a mother of a declared victim of child trafficking, the upcoming election for SLC Family Court Judge is the most important vote I will make in the upcoming year. I have spent time speaking to candidate Mr. Andrew Moses. I have posed questions to his opponent, candidate Mr. Alexander Lesyk.

The concern I have with Mr. Lesyk is that he is not being truthful with constituents. Mr. Lesyk denies having a connection with Nicole Duve, failed Criminal Court Judge candidate in 2020. Voters are aware of his previous position as Nicole Duve’s Chief Assistant District Attorney in 2016. Mr. Lesyk is also not being truthful as he denies a connection with Nicole Duve’s husband Bill Mitchell, who is currently working as a campaign committee member. I have to ponder the question why he is choosing to deny the association when former colleagues have admitted to the relationship.

Voters want honesty behind one of the most monumental judgeships that makes real time, sometimes life changing decisions concerning the wellbeing of children, the most important building block of society. And it is in my opinion that when someone is dishonest about something “small” then they will be dishonest about something “big.”

Mr. Andrew Moses told me, “I will give children a voice in my court.” My own personal experience in St. Lawrence County Family Court over the past 2 years has been that my daughter and I have not been heard. Filtering children in and out of systems with “misconduct allegations” and confirmed abuse against children is not a solution, its punishment.

My hopes with the recent exposure of the allegations against DSS will allow for reform and new systems to develop which will ultimately improve family court and therefore improve the constituent’s lives.

I will vote for Mr. Andrew Moses.

Mary C. Skelly

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Big fan. The tablets were especially awesome, though I hear they weren't his own original work.

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