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We as a nation have one very unproductive and costly military paradigm that is in use today. That is the idea that our military can go into a foreign country and, with explosions and killing, solve any problem and then withdraw and things will remain the same as when we left.

That concept is not only naïve but completely stupid. Why do we drive ourselves into bankruptcy and spill the blood of our children and then abandon all that sacrifice as unimportant and then go home and leave the area to the same conditions and forces that caused us to go in there to begin with?

Whoever came up with this military paradigm was a moron, and it should be discontinued immediately. Dwight Eisenhower, our greatest general and president of modern times, did not believe in these limited actions. He said they solve nothing and only increase our list of enemies. Our military leaders have used this limited action concept with abandon since Eisenhower’s administration.

We have to make the decision before we go to war if that area under consideration is worth keeping as a territory with the right to apply for statehood. A dominant world power has to evolve on this planet before there is any possibility of a consistent and peaceful planet.

We have a military budget ten times bigger than any nation on Earth. We have the military to flex our muscle.

Our new military paradigm should be expansion of quality states until we reach the truth that the sun never sets on the United States. Our military wants to be engaged overseas, so let’s make it legitimate. Notify the world that if we find it necessary to come into any nation, we will not leave.

That statement alone would have a very large calming effect on our world level of violence and war. There needs to be one large dominant world power to face the future of coming world events.

Let’s set a standard that no more American young people will be killed needlessly again. If it’s worth spilling our blood over, it’s worth keeping. This has to be taken into consideration from now on.

If we remain on the same path into our future, we will collapse economically as a world power! At first, take in only productive states to bolster our economy and longevity.

Edward L. Barlow


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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It's not Risk. The correct way to have world unity is to create (well designed) multilateral international treaty organizations, not to wage imperial expansion. We ramped up during world war 2 and saw the whole world as a strategic battle ground we had to dominate. The cold war justified keeping the war footing going, keeping bases everywhere, and judging every part of the world regarding what we need to do with it. The means became an end in itself and we now have to look for and create excuses to keep the industry going. There are aggressive forces in the world, and there always will be, so everyone needs to defend their own and be able to take on these bullies if it comes to it. But contesting them for everything is stupid. Strategy means judging the strategic value of things. If Russia and Iran get Syria and Pakistan (aka The Taliban) gets Afghanistan the US is not the next domino. If someone down the block expands their backyard into the park that doesn't mean your backyard is threatened. And most countries have smaller military budgets because they realize they don't have to control the whole world to be safe, even against people who want to control the whole world, because most people aren't like that and will band together against the bullies. So we have learned the force multiplying value of alliances. We have also learned that unless you fight wars periodically you forget how, so we have to stay in practice. The thinking here is actually pretty sound, and we can think our long list of sparring partners for the donation of their children's intestines. But the constant warfare is expensive, and the story here is an ancient one. When an empire starts to fade it starts trying to stay alive by doing what has saved it before, except on a larger scale, which just kills it faster. Instead of saving us, our ways may speed our demise. In strategy, what worked in the past is seldom exactly what will work in the future.


To summarize, you can seek national security or you can seek world dominion, but not both.

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