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The U.S. Supreme Court gave President Donald Trump permission to take $2.5 billion from the Defense Department to build walls at the U.S. border with Mexico. We the people must demand that those funds are used to improve the due process and conditions for the thousands of children and families who are imprisoned in filthy cages at the border and elsewhere across United States as they wait for justice from immigration judges.

Children as young as newborns separated from their mothers! Teens, breast-feeding mothers and young adults and crammed into spaces so small that there is no room to sit or sleep. Sparse food and water. Concrete floors as beds. No warm blankets! No place to wash their bodies! Unsanitary bathroom facilities! Wearing the same soiled clothing for weeks and perhaps months! No diapers for babies and toddlers! Children with contagious diseases, very ill and sometimes dying due to inadequate medical care! Sexual assault of the imprisoned children by supposed caregivers! This is gut-wrenching, abominable and illegal. It’s child abuse.

Our president and his administration are holding frightened, helpless mothers and children in unclean, putrid, unsafe facilities at the southern border and in prison camps in Florida and in other states. The president claims processing takes months, and the immigrants must be imprisoned because they are dangerous. These children and families are dangerous criminals! They are immigrants who are seeking a safety from violence in a country they thought would welcome them.

Some of our senators and representatives in Congress are silent and apparently do not care that non-white immigrants, who are seeking asylum, are being treated like animals. Children and families should not be a partisan issue! Every U.S. representative and senator should “do the right thing” and demand that the president fully fund the immigration processing and immediately stop this dehumanizing, barbaric treatment of children and families who are suffering in the president’s prison camps across the United States.

Come on, people! Tell your congressional representatives, “If you won’t demand that the president stop harming immigrant children and families, we the people will not vote for you.”

Janice L Charles

Three Mile Bay

The writer is the retired chief executive officer of the North Country Children’s Clinic.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Another letter from someone who I am sure means well but does not deal in facts. This administration and the folks at the border have been asking for funding since the beginning of Trump's term. No one is against immigration. For crying out loud...look into the Obama, Clinton, Bush etc...years...this issue was a focal point, one of great concern. They didn't fix anything. Better yet, join my brother in law at the border and donate your time to the cause. This line of complaining has been proven false many of times...


This isn't a line of complaining it's a reality. Conditions have worsened in border detention, largely because it has been outsourced to private contractors who skimp all they can for more profit. "This administration" had a Republican congress until 2019 and still couldn't get enough funding for women's sanitary needs and toothbrushes? Nope, not until 2019, and now Nancy Pelosi has finally made it possible. And it's always cheating to change the burden for collective responsibility to the individual. "If you don't like Hitler, go fight him. Don't expect the government to do it. We're all individuals and everything must be done on an optional basis." You're not allowed to talk about any issue unless you're willing to radically alter your life to deal with just that one issue? That's a recipe for shutting down any dialogue for sure. Don't like world starvation? "Don't say we should all chip in to do something about it, sell your house and go run a food pantry in Yemen or shut up about it. " The essential word being "shut up."

Holmes -- the real one


hermit thrush

"No one is against immigration."

not true, trump and steven miller are trying to cut back legal immigation and inflict cruelty on people who come here legally.

"They didn't fix anything."

also not true, illegal immigration came down by a lot during the end of the george w bush administration and stayed very low during the obama years.

hermit thrush


Nothing says "I am a great Christian" than cheering on our president's hatred of desperate immigrants. Did you know Trump met his wife at a Jeffrey Epstein party? The anti-immigrant stuff, as well as the "Moral Majority" support for Trump show we are a proud Christian nation.


Are you still trying to attach Epstein and Trump? My god, the desperation... I for one have no interest as most don't whether it's Trump, Clinton in a dress, the Prince of goodness. This is not the way to beat Trump, but it seems the only strategy of extreme anti-Trump sect.


Trump and Epstein were close friends for ten years. Democrats never said they were the "family values party". We are simply making sure that everybody knows that the religious morality that Republicans put on is a complete joke. From Dennis Hastert on the national Stage to Plattsburgh's Chris Ortloff on the local stage, a vote for Republicans is a vote for creepy religious pedophiles.


You are incapable of rational thought due to your hatred of Trump. I get it man. But 1. Trump kicked Mr. Epstein out of his house. We can connect politicians all over the place to creepy people...and this doesn't even mention the creepy, sexist pig Bill Clinton and his permitting wife. Talk about bottom of the barrel. And to say a vote for republicans is a vote know what, never mind. A vote for Democrats is for racist White hating, sexist male hating your connective rational.

I know great people on both sides of the aisle. You should get to meet some of them. I was a big fan of Bill Owens. I am a bigger fan of Elise Stefanik. Since she is Republican you are attaching me to creepy religious pedophiles and sir that is not only offensive but will or would never be allowed on here. Get off the high horse and join the rest of us in sane discussion without blind hatred. Now...if you are a russian...

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