Who has known the mind of the Lord? Apparently, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has.

“God did not stop the spread of the virus,” he declared recently. “The number is down because we brought the number down. God did not do that.”

His remarks created no stir in the media, nor does his popularity appear to have been affected even though many New Yorkers consider themselves religious.

The governor seems to have weighed God in the balance and found him useless, though the role of God in human affairs has been acknowledged in this nation since its founding.

The signers issued their Declaration of Independence “with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence.”

And even President John F. Kennedy, considered a liberal in his day, concluded his inaugural address by asking God’s “blessing and his help” and recognizing that “here on earth, God’s work must truly be our own.”

“In God We Trust,” the national motto of the United States, sums up the faith of a nation.

As he stormed the ramparts of Thebes, Capaneus, “though a mere mortal,” sent “a loud and swollen boast to Zeus in heaven,” defying him to save the city. The governor also, in his own way, seems to be putting God to the test, daring him not to save but to destroy New York.

Kevin Beary


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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It seems that the difference between Professor Beary and god is that god doesn't think he's Professor Beary.


Our purpose is to serve God's will. If we instead rely on God to serve our will then we are missing the mark. Cuomo is not putting down God, Cuomo is bragging about how well we have done by God. As for the Problem of Evil, that's a separate discussion: if God is all powerful and benevolent how are there evils in the world? The question is "why hasn't God put me in Heaven?" In other words, "why isn't God doing the heavy lifting for me?"

Holmes -- the real one

Does anyone else think that it is remarkably arrogant to position oneself as God's spokesman?

I wonder whether there is a some sort of story in Greek or Roman mythology that pertains to this.

What about the Bible? I wonder just who is declared God's reliable spokesman there?


God needs no spokesman, but speaks through the world we see, revealed by reason. So some people don't see it and need it read aloud.

She's back

I have NOT missed these forums .... not the rambling os Barton and way former mayor Graham are always predictable. Teh not esteemed professor Beary is an odd one.; AS HE ACTUALLY THINKS HE KNOWS SOMETHING, but never mages to make a valid point and always gets his facts WRONG.

If the the professor were to study an iota of American history HE might Realize that the Term " IN God We trust" did NOT get designated as the official motto UNTIL 1956. Voted in by the Conservative Congress at that time, during the Cold WAr. It did get get tossed around abit by the civil War... ( by the losing side).

If Kevin Beary knew anything about our founding fathers he would actually know that they were men of rational and not "magical thinking".

Thomas Jefferson in particular had much disagreement about all those miracles.He also great deal to say about " free will" and the ability of MEN (not some unseen force) to determine not only our new countries direction, but those laws made by men to frame the acccpble behaviors that would constitute the new American Society. Most were deist and all had a great respect for empirical fact. SO NONE of THEM EVER wanted the " GOD thing" in our national motto or almost anywhere in the origianl documents.

The Ring of "Out of many -One" or E pluribus unum Certainly made a lot more sense back then and makes even more sense today..

HERE: sources:


She's back

Sorry about the typos- unlike NORMAL sites, this one does not have an option to edit after posting. That tiny box to type in on my rather small screen .... and all those annoying ads crowding the space make it REAL hard to see.

PS stop asking me to answer questions just to read--- I already subscribe to the paper copy but your WEBSITE refuses to recognize that....

NOW I remember why I have not bothered ti return to this 360 site.

Holmes -- the real one

Pretty clear from the format that they don't really want comments unless they are just brief pats on the back to the publication.

The site is a data mine now, that's pretty much it.

Of course there is a reason that they are not doing well -- but they continue to (insert your own adverb here) adhere to the conservative dogma.

You might try a letter directly to the editor relating to your subscription access dilemma. It's a common problem apparently.

keyser soze

Great news Kevin Beary!!

Try not to get to excited but you have been unanimously chosen to be the co-beneficiary of this week’s very prestigious Kooky Kuckoo Award!!

Yes that’s right Kevin, as a general rule this highly esteemed honor is typically reserved for the nuttiest quote of the week. But due to you’re crazier than a bat with a bad case of the runs commentary, we have decided to revise our decision and allow for a “one time” exception to our principle guidelines.

As a result, this week’s award is a tie!!

“God is speaking. God is taking over. I wouldn’t fool with Trump. You better be careful, because God is trying to save America.”

~Dr. Jim Bakker


“The governor also, in his own way, seems to be putting God to the test, daring him not to save but to destroy New York.”

~Kevin “The Nutty Professor” Beary

Again, congratulations Kevin… and May God Bless.



Did Il Professore teach courses in Tortured Logic? But wait; no logic to be seen here, though big dollops of sophistry, of course.


I’ve never forgot the good words of my 8th grade teacher, Sister Jean Marie. Her bit of wisdom she shared was “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves”. It’s not Gods job to get us out of this mess, it’s our job.


kevin beary is a fake human being. for being a former educator he is horribly ignorant. I wouldn't want my child anywhere near him in a classroom. Perhaps that's why he's former.

Holmes -- the real one

Kevin Beary invokes the story of Capaneus “the blasphemer” as a cautionary tale in order to scold Cuomo for taking the medically appropriate steps to flatten the curve in NYS and not attributing the outcome to God.

Now, we all know that Kevin Beary’s thinking is one of those puzzle inside an enigma kind of things – but how to interpret this latest missive?

We could start by acknowledging that it is unclear just how poor Mr. Beary thinks on deep subjects like the role of human intervention in the doings of this world. But that leaves us with so many questions.

1) Does Kevin Beary believe that everything that happens is something God did? Or is it just just the good stuff? Sometimes things seem good but turn out bad. Sometimes it’s just the opposite. How can inquiring minds really KNOW?

2) Maybe Kevin Beary believes that it is simply necessary to add that falsely pious, “Thank God,” to every utterance – as a kind of magic charm. But maybe also as a way to guard against hubris? So, false piety – do we really need more of that? Talk is cheap. Can’t we just look at how someone lives and intuit from that what they really believe?

3) Is Kevin Beary saying that not making a point to sermonize a statement about following medical advice is somehow equivalent to weighing God in the balance and finding him (sic) useless?

4) So, just what does Kevin Beary think that “In God We Trust” really means?

5) Does Kevin Beary believe that Zeus is God? Does mythology provide Kevin Beary with the roadmap to appropriate human relations in our time?

Finally, I wonder whether Kevin Beary realizes that republicans everywhere rose up in droves to protest that they had done it all themselves when Obama said, in context that they had not made all of their progress alone. https://www.factcheck.org/2012/07/you-didnt-build-that-uncut-and-unedited/


You are making us Druids feel bad.

Holmes -- the real one

Aha! that could explain the humans sacrifice streak you've got going on.


Curses, foiled again by Holmes! (TRO)


Which God is is Kevin? The Holy Ghost? Allah? You let us know.

I can tell you “Thoughts and Prayers” are useless, as proven by their complete inability to stop gun violence.

Kevin presents himself as a “professor” who is big Trump supporter. Here’s the funny part, every real professor I know has a clear publication record and record of employment. Being a professor is a public job. Trump paid a huge fine for running a fake university. I am pretty sure Kevin here was never a professor. In the Italian system a temporary foreign visitor there to teach English doesn’t get the title. A fake professor who supports the President who ran a fake university and Trump definitely fakes being Christian. (He has not gone to church on Easter as president) amazing.

Holmes -- the real one

Kevin Beary.........

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