Infrastructure bill will benefit entire nation

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik recently supported the E-BRIDGE Act, which will — as her office stated — help forward the expansion of rural high-speed broadband internet access. It is a bill that is important to our region.

However, in great contradiction, she recently voted against the infrastructure bill that contains funding for rural broadband access saying that “it prioritizes Green Deal policies over traditional infrastructure, such as roads and bridges.”

In fact, the largest monetary outlay in the new spending side of the infrastructure bill is $110 billion for bridges and roads; that is followed by $73 billion for our aging electric grid with ongoing work now taking place in the north country. Amtrak receives $66 billion, yet there also is money for freight rail maintenance and safety that will impact rural regions over the long term.

The next big outlay is $65 billion for the aforementioned broadband internet expansion. Water projects in the West and the inner cities also get much needed assistance.

A further expenditure that our counties will benefit from is for bus fleets. St Lawrence County, for one, has developed over the past 15 years a regional bus system fostered through federal grants that transports many of our residents to work, shopping and other activities.

Much the same is true of our neighboring communities. There also is a line of support for school bus fleets to go electric, which will help school systems on fuel costs and eliminate diesel exhaust emissions that occur as our children are picked up and dropped off at school. I encourage a close look at the entire bill as it is carefully crafted, bipartisan funding legislation that originated in the Senate, which will benefit the entire nation.

Brett Thacher


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Elise Stefanik doesn’t even have anything to say when the MAGA Squad that’s she’s one of the leaders of sics their hateful base on anyone who voted to support funding for the country’s infrastructure. What a disgusting display it’s going to be if Republicans do take back the House next year. I love that McCarthy is so sure he’s going to be Speaker. I’d say it’s at least even money that Stefanik or one of the goons who’ve shown more loyalty to Dear Leader get it. Speaker Marjorie Taylor Greene or Matt Gaetz or Madison Cawthorn or Lauren Boebert or Paul Gosar or Louie Gohmert or well there’s way too many.

The only good thing about it is the country will get to see what the GOP has truly become. Sadly, not enough may be revulsed by it. That says something very bad about the state of morality in this country: That it’s approximately where Rome’s was in their dying days.

hermit thrush

you only have to barely scratch the surface of what elise says to discover she's full of [bleep].

Pat Luppens

A basic tenet of the Republican Religion is "Don't allow the other side to accomplish anything positive". To vote for any bill put forward by the Democrats would be heresy. "Representative" Stefanik represents the donors to her campaigns which come mostly from outside our district (PACS). One cannot be surprised if she ignores the interests of her constituents. Reared as she was, a child of wealth and privilege, one can hardly expect empathy for those of us who were not.

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