In March, televangelist Kenneth Copeland told his congregation that God informed him the novel coronavirus pandemic would “be over much sooner than you think.”

Copeland commanded Satan to “get out of this nation” and “crawl on your belly” before declaring the crisis was “over.”

In April, Copeland called for the “Wind, almighty south wind” to burn the coronavirus “in the name of Jesus. ... I blow the wind of God on you.”

Unfortunately, all of Copeland’s huffing and puffing did not blow COVID-19 down.

Speaking of the coronavirus in late October, Copeland told his television audience, “Come on man, we’re immune. We’re going through this thing with a holy spirit immunity from the works of the devil.”

How come the 225,000 people who died from COVID-19 (when Copeland spoke these words) were not “immune” from this disease?

Were these predominantly older Americans so invaluable and expendable that the Holy Spirit let them contract COVID-19 and perish?

North Dakota is one of the reddest and most Christian conservative states.

Christopher Murray of the University of Washington said that as of Oct. 28, it had “the highest COVID death rate per capita in the world ...”

Was God punishing the faithful for some reason known only to him? Or is the death rate so high because North Dakota has the lowest mask-wearing rate in the country?

Perhaps it’s as simple as “God helps those who help themselves,” and so many people in North Dakota are not doing what must be done to stay safe.

George J. Bryjak


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Pat Luppens

It's an ill wind that blows no good. Perhaps this deadly breeze will convince people to stop listening to holy hucksters like Copeland. Any god, if there is such a thing, busy running a universe would not have time to be concerned with the survival of some dimwitted species on an obscure little planet on the outskirts of a small galaxy among billions. We're on our own. Time to stop listening to preachers and start listening to doctors.

Skye Opel

Whenever I hear anyone equating illness to evil and ignoring all biological and scientific basis for why someone has contracted covid, it just saddens me. Prayer will not rid the country of coronavirus. We can, however, pray for the strength to stay the course. To wear a mask, to stay at home, to social distance and to put the health and safety of others above our own desire to return to "normal" too soon.




God gave us the ability to reason too. I use my reasoning to not listen to hucksters like Kenneth Copeland who use Christianity to enrich themselves. I did a quick check on his net worth and he clocks in at $300 million. The good reverend must skip over the parable of the rich man who just wasn’t into giving it all away to follow Jesus. Copeland must’ve figured out a loophole so he could have it all.

It’s not enough for him to fleece his flock but he has to lead them to slaughter too?


He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

Kenneth Copeland is going to be with the goats. That’s a shame.


Which side will you be on and why?


So I ask you Krobbins, avowed Methodist, why do you ally yourself with the likes of Pat Luppens, an avowed atheist and others like him? Is it an accident?

hermit thrush

what a gross, twisted thing to use religion to set up divisions like this.


Pitbull, your politics are bad enough. There’s not a chance I’m discussing religion with you. You and I can both plead our cases on Judgment Day. God can judge. I’ve committed enough sins to be with the goats.


"Perhaps it’s as simple as “God helps those who help themselves,” and so many people in North Dakota are not doing what must be done to stay safe. " says it all.... Masks and sanitizer in my vehicle...cancelled family Thanksgiving...the challenge is not getting complacent..


Witnessing this pandemic and how it has killed millions worldwide has altered my religious beliefs. At 75 years old I have to believe death is a blessing it relieves our suffering.

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