Politics as usual is horrible for our country

It is imperative that the nation including those now in the White House and Congress view the results of the 2020 election in comparison with the results from 2016.

It is necessary only to look at the three states — Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — that clinched the election both times.

In 2016, Michigan was won by Donald Trump by 10,704 votes.

This election, former Vice President Biden won that state by 154,187 votes.

Let us now turn to Pennsylvania where in 2016 Mr. Trump won by 44,292 votes.

By comparison, Mr. Biden gained victory by 81,129 votes.

Finally, in 2016 Wisconsin went to Mr. Trump by 22,748 votes.

Today, Mr. Biden clinched it by 20,565 votes.

The former vice president also flipped Arizona (winning it by 10,457 votes) and Georgia (winning it by 12,670 votes).

The voting went remarkably smoothly and was orchestrated by each state with great conviction toward our democratic process.

Mr. Biden has won the election.

It is time for Mr. Trump to acknowledge that fact as did former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016 and lead our nation throughout the last weeks of his administration as we face a serious battle with COVID-19.

Brett W. Thacher


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What’s great is how many autocrats around the world are going to lose a friend on January 20th. It’s almost too many to count: Putin, Xi, Kim, MBS, al-Sissi, Modi, Erdogan, Orban, Bolsonaro...probably some other rinks dink ones.


Does anyone expect or care who concedes or accepts any election? Even Rush Limbaugh "they promised block buster stuff, then nothing"... and a personal favorite... "On Thursday, Trump Atty Powell declared that she had found the real villains behind Trump’s election defeat: billionaire Soros and deceased Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. In Powell’s telling, Chavez had been pulling the strings on American voting software this whole time. " Christi was right.. a national embarrassment ....


Does this mean that Soros will continue to be a bête noire long after he dies like zombie Hugo Chavez apparently is?

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