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I’m writing this letter in support of Jeff Smith for mayor of Watertown. He has the experience being on the City Council for 12 years.

Allison Crossman has no experience with things that have happened in the past and has nothing to use as a reference for future decisions.

As for sexism and racism, this is becoming nothing more than a bunch of BS and is beginning to smell to high heaven. Any female who stands behind her own skirt is not worth a damn.

Children need their mother at an early age. Crossman needs to give her time to raising her young children. There will be plenty of time when the children are older to run for mayor. If your only reason for running for mayor is to say you are the youngest, first female to be mayor, that is not a valid reason.

Give some sound consideration for our city’s future before you vote.

Mabel B. Walker


The writer is the wife of former Watertown Mayor T. Urling Walker.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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