As I have been out campaigning, a common theme arises: the recent town tax reassessment. In the end, the property tax that you pay will go up for many residents although the tax rate per thousand will fall.

What does that mean? Our current town tax rate is $3.50 per $1,000 of assessed value. With the reassessment, this rate will go down. It could best case scenario, fall to $3.31 per $1,000. A homeowner assessed at $100,000 pays $350 in town taxes and could potentially see that fall to $331 in taxes. If the same resident who was assessed at $100,000 saw an increase in assessment to $110,000, they would pay $364.10 in town taxes with a tax rate of $3.31 per $1,000.

What no one is talking about is the fact that our town taxes are one of the lowest in the area. Our issue is the county taxes at an assessment of $7.44 per $1,000 of assessed value. That is more than double the town tax rate!

What do we receive for this money? We used to receive $50,000 in order to reimburse us (it didn’t) for plowing the county roads. We no longer receive that as the county now plows its own roads in our town. We pay the county double what we pay in town taxes, and we receive nothing for it.

Whose job is it to ensure District 7 receives its share of the county taxes that are more than double the town taxes we pay? You county legislator, John Peck. He has failed this job miserably for the last 10 years.

More than $20 million of your tax dollars have been spent outside of your district, and John’s answer when questioned about this is shared services. He will then tell you all the amazing things he has helped the county achieve, but none of that answers the question of where our $7.44 per $1,000 of assessed value gets spent. The answer is not in District 7.

This June, don’t blame the town for an excessive county tax and a county legislator who failed to advocate for District 7. Hold John accountable. Vote for change! Vote for someone who will demand answers! Vote for me, Matt Gump.

Matt Gump


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