What’s Trump being paid by his pal Putin?

Why shouldn’t John Bolton make money from his book? Finally, the truth is out.

President Donald Trump made millions for his own benefit from deals with foreign and domestic enterprises and us taxpayers when his crew was housed in his hotel, in Scotland, during a golfing expedition. Remember? This is one of many instances that we know of — many we do not.

His friends in the Russian mafia are housed in the Trump Towers in New York City. Guess who collects that rent! Making even more money due to his presidency.

Many who are privy to information concerning Trump’s antics probably do not walk in any dark alleys. Recalling the impeachment hearings, many of Trump’s people were told they were not to testify, and Bolton was one of them.

I say, it’s time!

Marie Makuch


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Holmes -- the real one

Bolton had the opportunity to stand up for what is right when he was called to testify during the impeachment hearings. Apparently he knew many of the ways that Trump was betraying our country, our Constitution, and his oath of office and could have brought all that to light during that inquiry.

Instead, he chose to hold out and write a book to make money from what he knew.

How in the world can you think that he should be rewarded?

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