District 7 Legislator John Peck is committed to his position in Jefferson County. The time and dedication John have given to the county, especially as Health and Human Services chairman, is unwavering. He is engaged and committed to all constituents.

His in-depth knowledge of issues and his willingness to share have been very helpful to me as a new legislator. John has given me the time to make sure I am familiar with the issues that are in effect in the county and their history so that I can make the best decisions possible.

He has been very helpful in sharing his knowledge so that I may be an effective participant on the County Board.

Now is the time we need experience to assist us in leading the county. John has been a county legislator for 10 years and previously a town of Champion Board member for 10 years. I have confidence he would continue to assist the county and his district in the right direction.

Frances A. Calarco


The writer represents District 12 on the Jefferson County Board of Legislators.

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Matt Gump

Has anyone noticed that just like John's campaign finances, https://publicreporting.elections.ny.gov/ContributionsByRecipient/ContributionsByRecipient

that everyone assisting him is either a current career politician or an anonymous donor? Why is a small town election with less than 5,000 people so important that State and Federal level representatives are getting involved?

Is it really cause he is doing what is best for his district or because he is doing what is best for his buddies and as a result they don't want to lose him?

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