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When I met my husband, John Peck, 17 years ago, he was already actively involved in politics, being on the Champion Town Board. In one of our first conversations, he told me that he went into public service because he wanted to help people. That desire has never changed for him in the last 20 years. He has said numerous times that he would do it for free because he loves serving his hometown.

He truly loves being a Jefferson County legislator, and he still impresses me with his knowledge and capabilities. He is so good at what he does! I have watched him over the years work hard to help the people of our community in any way that he is able. He’s constantly on the phone working on county and public issues while he’s milking cows.

He’s not one to announce things he has done so you may not know what he has accomplished as legislator.

When New York passed the SAFE Act, he was the one to take the initiative and write the first draft of the resolution against it for Jefferson County. He and County Judge David Renzi also worked directly with the sheriff to get pistol permit wait times from 18 months down to three months.

He was given a committee chairman position after only two years on the County Board because he gained the respect of his colleagues and he wanted to be more involved.

He has been working for years to get County Route 47 funded to be re-paved and two years ago he was able to get that project in the capital plan. It will be fully funded and will be done in the next two years.

He personally advocated to get the Champion fire hall out of tax foreclosure and given back to the town.

He worked directly with the head of public health to get novel coronavirus information that was being requested out to the board and public faster.

Above all, I want you to know that John Peck is honest, has integrity and has compassion for people, qualities that I think we need more of in our government. He is independent, speaks his mind and is very diligent about getting things done. John Peck is the best choice for District 7 Jefferson County Legislator, because he will continue to deliver results for Champion.

Maria Peck


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Matt Gump

Nothing says integrity like sending a mailer that says I've secured funding for a road and construction will start in 2022/2023 when all you really have is a proposal that hasn't been voted upon.

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