Stefanik opposes Joe Biden’s failed policies

Ben & Jerry’s decision to withdraw its product from the Occupied Palestinian Territory (though not from the Jewish State) has drawn the ire of some U.S. state attorneys general, as Eli Lake points out in his Nov. 20 column “Israel’s ice cream battle heats up.”

“U.S. states are increasingly asserting themselves in foreign policy,” Lake writes. “[T]hey can divest their multibillion-dollar pension funds … This strategy is now being used to target Unilever,” now the owner of the famed ice cream brand.

These attorneys general see no difference between the Jewish State and the Occupied Territories. This is indeed a common perception among Jews and Evangelical Christians and is based on a strongly held religious belief.

Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League and once a member of the Israeli Knesset, explained this belief clearly and precisely in his book “They Must Go!” He writes: “The ... proposed transfer of Arabs from Israel that I have set down are not personal views ... This is the Jewish outlook, based on halakhah, the law as postulated in the Torah ... The people of Israel have more than a right to the land; they have an obligation ... [A]s the Torah clearly commanded: ‘And you shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you’ ... The non-Jew has no share in the Land of Israel. He has no ownership, citizenship, or destiny in it.”

Kahane was eventually banned from participation in Israeli politics for what the Knesset considered his racism. But the rabbi always bristled at the comparison between the Jewish Defense League and Kahanism on the one hand and the Ku Klux Klan and George Wallace’s segregationist policies on the other.

Was the rabbi a hypocrite? Not in his own eyes. When the comparison was made, he would point out that Yahweh did not give the land of United States to any one racial or religious group; but that according to the Torah, Yahweh did give the Land of Israel to the Jews and to the Jews alone.

The Jewish State’s continued construction of settlements and displacement of non-Jews in the Occupied Territories — what the Israelis call “facts on the ground” — prove that Rabbi Kahane’s theology is indeed the ideological foundation of the Jewish State. And the attorneys general’ divestment from Unilever proves that they share the rabbi’s beliefs and that their ultimate goal, like his, is to drive the Palestinians out of the Land of Israel, as Yahweh commanded.

Kevin Beary


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The priest said

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God wants bad

What God wants God gets


And Zeus gave Greece to the Greeks.

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