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Thank you for your recent editorial “A flood of deception: Cuomo refuses to acknowledge real cause of high-water levels” (Our View, Oct. 11). All of us in the environmental community appreciate your continued efforts to hold Gov. Andrew Cuomo accountable for filing another “baseless lawsuit” against a government agency. Your article published the day before this editorial did an excellent job of laying out the causes of our recent high water:

“Excessive precipitation across the Great Lakes Basin and high outflow from Lake Erie which also experienced record-breaking water levels were key factors in Lake Ontario and the upper St. Lawrence River experiencing unprecedented water levels this year. The effects were compounded by a heavy snow pack along the Ottawa River basin melting a little later than usual and major rains throughout the basin in late April and into May which led to record flows from the river into the lower St. Lawrence River. This excess water caused Lake St. Louis located where the Ottawa and St Lawrence rivers meet, to exceed flood stage, flooding large areas near Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec.”

Our government officials should be working together to find solutions to lowering historically high water — such as “patterning of shipping,” or perhaps early closure of the Seaway this December — instead of wasting taxpayers money suing a binational agency.

Ann B. Ward

Alexandria Bay

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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There's Zero chance of interrupting shipping and commerce between 2 nations on 1500 miles of a shipping lane including a seaway constructed and designed for international trade so some seasonal residents and businesses aren't flooded.... Adjust...floating docks...raise seawalls, and PAY FOR IT .... …So, what about the inland residents who got water in their cellar? Do we get a bailout from the state too? Every time Mother Nature burps, everyone's got their hand out.... If you own waterfront, it's your responsibility to protect it...get flood insurance..raise your dock....don't ask the everyone else to pay for it…

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