Trump hurts 1st Amendment with attacks

This past weekend, we witnessed the horrific murders of so many innocents in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

What kind of crazy people is our society producing?

Do they spend their days playing video games where mass murder occurs every second?

Are they society’s losers who are products of our failed educational system?

Or are they just mentally unstable, who exist in every society?

It sure scares me to see the kind of society that my children and grandchildren will grow up in.

In each case of all mass shootings that have occurred in the last few years, one fact stands out.

The police always arrive too late.

Nothing will stop these crazies.

There are an estimated 25 million semiautomatic rifles in our country.

Only a tiny faction is ever used in crimes.

But the left progressives want to disarm our people and cancel the Second Amendment because of the actions of crazies.

Let’s watch what Gov. Andrew Cuomo does now.

The weekend before last, nine folks were killed in Chicago and more than 30 wounded.

Many more were killed and wounded in Detroit, D.C., and Baltimore.

And who is responsible for all these murders?

It just has to be all these racist white supremacists.

One thing that is never mentioned in all these shootings is the cost of treating all these wounded folks, some in hospitals for weeks.

It is in the millions if not billions of dollars, paid for by American taxpayers, most of them from Democratic-controlled cities.

Thank you, LBJ and your Great Society.

Bart S. Bonner


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!


Well, now we know what was bothering Bart when he woke up that morning. Too bad he got out his stub pencil before arranging it all in some coherent manner.


Must be he's not a liberal because we know how much smarter they are.

hermit thrush

no, the way to tell he's a conservative is because he (and apparently you too) feels entitled to have his views taken seriously no matter what the content of those views is.


First off, to refer to people with mental illness as "crazies" is extremely offensive. Secondly, while I would say any mass murderer has mental illness, the vast majority of people with mental illness are not at all violent. Mental illness is a small part of this problem.

Holmes -- the real one

Jackie -- I am intrigued by your assertion that "any mass murderer has mental illness..."

Do you really believe that Hitler, Stalin, and the host of others were simply mentally ill?

How do you define "mentally ill"?


Just had a comment blocked for using "profanity" because the word "N-a-z-i-" was included. Guess it's ok to slander lefties but not righties, eh, WDT? See?

"Your comment cannot be accepted due to the presence of profanity. Please remove any objectionable content from your comment and try again."


Dear WDT: please explain how (to you, at least) "N@zi" has become a profanity. It is, after all, universally accepted shorthand for a political party (however hateful) that existed in a major nation, and is a matter of historical record.

hermit thrush

"Nothing will stop these crazies." that is an odd thing to say because the reality is that every other developed nation has much much less gun violence than we do. crazy people are everywhere but plenty of other countries have figured out how to stop them.

hermit thrush

hermit thrush

it's also worth taking a moment to appreciate that _bart bonner_, of all people -- a man so devoted to his bigotry that he drove to _another county_ to defend the islamophobia of a legislator there -- is here talking about "society's losers" and "these crazies." not sure it was a good move to take that rhetorical tack, bart.


“The Police always arrive too late” is a real gem of a quote from this letter. The police in the Dayton shooter neutralized him in a reported 30 seconds. The shooter still killed a bunch of people. It is like dealing with a cult, detached from reality.

hermit thrush

likewise, i look forward to hearing what the the-only-way-to-stop-a-bad-guy-with-a-gun-is-a-good-guy-with-a-gun nuts are going to have to say about the mass slaughter of 22 people in ... a walmart full of texans.


Nice try BB...parroting the NRA's "the left wants to take away your guns" .. Not selling anymore BB! It's assault rifles that is the focus...the same ones that were banned by Clinton and the world didn't end...btw which was supported by Reagan - Ford - Carter...Supreme COurt Judge Scalia supported... and Bush did not renew!!.... ... Makes you wonder how many people would be alive today if Bush would have renewed the AWB... tick tock until this repeats itself... quit hiding behind the 2nd A ....Assault weapons are for law enforcement and the military only.


Just remember he is writing to support these killers. He is writing that we should not make any legal changes due to these public massacres. The Wal-Mart shooting is the one that will push them into crazy world. That Wal-Mart was full of men carrying guns with their concealed permits, and the Wal-Mart itself was also full of rifles for sale. How was there a massacre in those conditions? The NRA has brainwashed dumb men into thinking their pea-shooter will do something in this situation.


Neither of these shootings happened in “Gun Free Zones”. How was their a mass shooting in a Wal-Mary in Texas? Texas has open carry and the Wal-Mart was full of guns. Maybe one side if lying? I would say the lting side says all mass shootings happen in “Gun Free Zones” when that is obviously not true.


This hogwash of 'Lefties want to cancel Second Amendment' is getting old. You can count on one hand the number of people who actually want to eliminate the 2A. The rest of us simply want to try other sensible gun legislation. Will it be a cure all for the problem? No, but the approach we've been trying is NOT working.


Maybe if skin-heads, white supremacists, bigots, and other racists (Righties) would stop killing normal people, they wouldn't have to lie about lefties. Not sure what they'd do to fill in time while waiting for their welfare checks though...


What the liberal media didn't tell you is that the killer in Dayton is a lefty who supports Sanders and Warren. Start looking at more than the source that only supports your liberal views. It's fine to be liberal but be informed.


Unlike the El Paso killer, the Dayton shooter had no political agenda. He was just angry in general, and had been angry since high school. He was even aware of the dark thoughts he harbored, and distressed by them.

To my knowledge no one has attempted to label this incident as politically motivated. What does matter is that another disturbed person had altogether too easy access to an assault weapon, thanks to our weak-kneed congress's slavish obeisance to the NRA and its acolytes.

That said, thank you, Scoot 24, for granting me permission to be liberal in my thinking.

Holmes -- the real one

That is simply false. The only references to such thinking are on ultra conservative conspiracy theory websites.

Funny thing, when the killer is very OBVIOUSLY a Trump supporter, where is Scoot24 to denounce him?

There have been plenty of opportunities.


Of course, with its reference to "a well regulated militia"as our nation's first line of defense, as written, the Second Amendment today is hopelessly outdated.


I don't disagree with the need for better laws but what should they be to prevent these events? The murders have either been with legally purchased guns or ones bought on the black market.

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