As practicing lawyers in St. Lawrence County, we know how the choice of inexperienced judges can seriously harm our judicial system. Each candidate’s qualifications and experience must be carefully considered so only those truly qualified are elected to these important jobs. In this race for St. Lawrence County Family Court judge, only one candidate has the necessary background, experience and character to be our Family Court Judge. We endorse Alex Lesyk for Family Court judge.

First, Alex’s educational and academic background is first-rate. After earning an undergraduate degree at Columbia University, he obtained a law degree at Fordham University School of Law. Alex has been an associate professor at SUNY Canton and taught police cadets at the David Sullivan-St. Lawrence County Law Enforcement Academy, local Justice Court judges, lawyers and police administrators. He has the educational and academic background required to be an exceptional Family Court judge.

In addition to his educational and academic qualifications, Alex has the professional experience necessary to be our Family Court judge. He serves as a principal court attorney working on Family Court cases. Further, he has more than three decades of experience, serving as the chief assistant district attorney and representing clients in Family Court cases for decades. No other candidate can match his experience level for this position.

Finally, Alex has the demeanor and character necessary to be an outstanding Family Court judge. Family Court can be an emotionally charged, stressful situation for those who appear there. Alex’s patient, calm, and confident demeanor, his knowledge of the law and his honest, direct method of communication will inspire confidence in those appearing in Family Court. Alex has the ability, stamina, and dedication to handle the voluminous Family Court docket. Those who appear before Alex will know he has heard and considered their cases with the diligence such important matters deserve.

Our courts are not the place for on-the-job training or for people using the judicial branch of government to push a political agenda. Being a judge in a county-level court demands a person who knows the law, can apply the law and has experience with the particular complexity of the law that governs the case. These demands are particularly important when decisions about emotional family issues are being decided. Alex Lesyk is the only candidate in this race qualified for this demanding job. Vote Alex Lesyk for Family Court judge.

Eric Gustafson and Daniel S. Pease


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