To the editor,

This is a response to Mary Skelly’s letter to the editor printed on July 15, 2021. I do not understand Ms. Skelly’s obsession with Nicole Duvé. Ms. Duvé is not running for Family Court Judge, I am.

Ms. Skelly refers to questions she asked on Facebook. Ms. Skelly is well aware of my responses as they are public for anyone to read on Facebook at

She is also well aware that she blocked me on Facebook so I cannot answer her questions on her site. She also knows that I then responded to all of her questions on my site because she posted my responses herself on her own Facebook site. One “question” was a nonsensical claim that I have actually been living in California for the last 5 years. I work in Malone every day — that would be quite a daily commute.

I also confirmed that I was Ms. Duvé’s Chief Assistant District Attorney between 2006-2009 and part-time for some of 2013. I directed Ms. Skelly to public record sites where she could verify that information. I am proud to have successfully prosecuted crimes against children as Chief Assistant District Attorney.

I have also stated that I am indeed friends with Ms. Duvé and Mr. Mitchell, who are a former District Attorney and a well-regarded member of the SUNY Potsdam community respectively. My committee members are of public record and are also on my Facebook site. Ms. Duvé and her husband are clearly not on my committee. Apparently, Ms. Skelly’s concern with Mr. Mitchell is that he is married to Ms. Duvé.

My opponent seems content to have his surrogates toss unsubstantiated accusations rather than speaking for himself. Unlike my opponent, I am not hiding behind surrogates to speak for me. Unlike my opponent, I am willing to state my positions publicly in debates. However, he stated in Facebook that he is “reluctant” to debate. Why?

Perhaps it is because my opponent has not represented any children before an elected Family Court Judge in the last four years. Instead, he has chosen to represent convicted felons who have violated parole. These felons have been convicted of crimes including crimes against children. I have worked to keep such felons imprisoned. My opponent has worked to free them again.

Ms. Skelly says that “voters want honesty behind one of the most monumental judgeships that makes real time, sometimes life changing decisions concerning the wellbeing of children.” Indeed.

Alexander Lesyk, Esq.


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Mr. Lesyk a recent ruling called the Crawford Ruling has changed the nature & use of Ex Parte motions in per-trial hearings, the NY Times reported on this back on 6/25/21.

What is your opinion of the use of Ex Parte Orders, & the Crawford Ruling as it relates to NNY? Do condone he use of Ex Parte orders in a environment when Courts, back up by COVID, cannot handle timely hearings in order to hear both sides of an alleged incident and/or argument, & will NYS Courts ever return to in-person Court proceeding as opposed to the virtual "Court Rooms" via MS Team Meeting that now seem permanent?

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