Paper must fact-check Cuomo’s comments

I appreciate the letter written by Mark Zehr and published in the Jan. 17 issue of the Watertown Daily Times. He expressed reticence about publicly making his opinion known, given the readership of the newspaper. We need to hear each and every one who feels their views are not respected.

We all have our personal history, which provides a foundation for our later view of the world. Could we listen to each other’s stories? We can all ask ourselves: How do I know if what I know is true? None of us knows it all, and we need to look for measurable guides for what is factual and what is not.

The “news” we consume: How much of it is factual, and how much is interpretation? Could we not have actual periods when all that is reported is what happened? Where did it happen? Who did what? Who observed it? What time did it happen and for what duration, and in what sequence? The meaning of events should are addressed at a different time.

I have enduring beliefs and values by which I judge what I experience in the world. Marilynne Robinson expressed that saying my values are right and yours are wrong is like saying, “My mother is better than your mother.”

Can’t we all go over and climb that little hill over there (in our mind’s eye) — and get a God’s-eye view of the different ways of seeing things? From Psalm 85: “Kindness and truth shall meet.”

Would that this be so. I commit to that goal in my own thinking and speaking.

What is in my own mind is what I project out onto the world. The world “out there” is also the world “in here.” How is what I am watching, listening to or reading contributing to the world I see and made real by my expectations?

Let us each take courage and be our best selves, just one moment at a time. Do you think you could try? Just for today? I for one am going to start to walk my talk. Words are cheap.

Kathleen M. Kelly


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Before Trump's "fake news" came along I felt all I read in a especially local paper was the truth. I never went there where Trump has taken us I never doubted what I read and often heard the words, "if it was in the newspaper it is true." Trump has did great damage to our nation in many ways but perhaps this media challenge is the worst. What we are seeing due to the presidential switch in parties is the deletion by president Biden of nearly all of Mr Trumps executive orders including one I feel was necessary the transgender use of bathroom according to how they feel not who they are.


I agree on the bathroom issue John. I disagree that the fake news idea did damage. "News" has melded with "opinion" in every outlet so you have to be very savvy. You can't eat eat everything at the buffet without awareness of what the intent of that food is. Perhaps, its some kind of dessert that is only there to give you a taste explosion with only a few nutrients mixed in. Each of us has to discern which food does what and come out of the buffet healthy.


Executive orders are easy for any POTUS...a stroke of the pen.. be it Trump or Biden..they both ran on ballots from different parties...ergo it's not unexpected that changes are part of satisfying that base.. Like you...some aren't in line with my thinking, but elections have consequences.. Like you... agree Trump did great damage to the nation in many ways... Hoping the GOP regroups ...balance is needed.


You speak of how the news is interpreted today. Before Trump it was just sensationalism to get the reader to click. CNN has been referred to as "fake news" so often its readership probably believes it, that is what I mean by "damage to the nation."

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