Paper must fact-check Cuomo’s comments

I am tired of your letters that constantly attack Elise Stefanik. She was elected by the majority.

Tedra Cobb supporters are vicious in their attacks on her. Every day when I open the newspaper, there are attacks on President Trump and anyone who supports him. This has gone on for the last four years.

I and many of your readers (some who have had a subscription to your paper for a long time, I might add) are not going to renew our subscriptions when they come due. Your newspaper is terribly biased, does not take into consideration that there might be another point of view.

The best part of the paper in the last four years has been the cartoons, crossword puzzle and Jumble. Even they are not as good as they previously were. When your newspaper fails and stops production, you will have no one to blame except yourself.

Wendy Sweet


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Stefanik bashing doesn't seem to work she keeps on winning. I think the Times supports Rep Stefanik but allows readers to comment negatively giving them the benefit of both worlds. Relax.


If the author doesn't want to listen to or read about the Trump/Stefanik attacks, quit following the news.. The constant lies by Trump and supporting a liar drives the media... If you want a break...drop the paper... only watch Fox..

Farmer Liz

The WDT publishes letters as they come in. Do you think that maybe there are more people fed up with Stefanik's antics and the deplorable behavior of Trump than there were before? Is it possible that former supporters of theirs have had enough? Or that more of them take the time to write letters?

hermit thrush

amazing that the letter writer does not already understand this.


Answers: No, Probably Not, and Definitely. The liberal extremists on this thread are the opposite of the Silent Majority. They're the Extremely Vocal Minority who delude themselves into thinking that they are the majority.

hermit thrush

we really are the national majority, and i would enjoy you showing a single shred of evidence (instead of simply running your mouth) that anyone here thinks liberals are suddenly a majority in ny21.

btw, my parents have voted for stefanik every time she's run but now they're done with her after her seditious efforts to overturn the election.

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