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North country state Sen. Patricia Ritchie, and Assemblymen Mark Walczyk and William Barclay are giving shoreline residents a bum steer — as well as false hope — with their petition to suspend Plan 2014.

Plan 2014 did not cause the flooding of our neighbors’ homes and businesses along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Climate change is bringing extremely high volumes of rain throughout the Great Lakes Basin, where four of the Great Lakes are at record high levels.

To quote Jerry Moore: “Climate change has resulted in substantially more rainfall, so we can expect additional flooding in the years ahead. Working to reverse the effects of global warming and protecting shoreline properties from flooding are the proper steps for residents and community leaders to take.” (A Second Opinion, “Political pandering has crested,” June 30)

The Jefferson County Board of Legislators’ approval of a Unified Solar Law Permit for solar farms of no more than 25MW will help local homeowners and businesses lower their energy costs while promoting environmentally constructive solutions. Since going into effect on June 10, at least three solar projects have been proposed. This is encouraging.

Also in June, the state Legislature enacted the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act that aims to reduce New York’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by mid-century. Again, not acting in the interest of their constituents, Ritchie, Barclay and Walczyk opposed this bill.

Whether their opposition was based on the illusion that climate change is a hoax or they were looking for quick political gain is unclear. But if we are to solve what are clearly problems created by the climate crisis, we must elect and support those who are prepared address it.

Richard Spencer


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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