White House weakening NEPA protections

My name is Jennifer Zhang, and I am a college student and recent graduate of Potsdam High School who is running to represent our congressional district at the 2020 Democratic National Convention as a delegate pledged to Elizabeth Warren.

The DNC is the national convention where delegates from across the country convene to determine who the Democratic presidential candidate will be. It will be held in July in Milwaukee. Delegates whose candidates get sufficient votes attend the convention representing their congressional district and are pledged to vote for their candidate.

In 2020, the DNC will have an estimated 4,594 delegates. Roughly 200 of them will be from New York state, six from this congressional district. Each presidential campaign is nominating a slate of candidates for these delegate slots. I am proud to be running for a delegate position for Elizabeth Warren.

The north country faces many problems. Local manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas, and small farms struggle as large agri-businesses dominate food markets. As a result, we are one of the most impoverished regions in New York state. Though we have robust colleges, students face a lack of economic opportunities upon graduation and often move away after earning their degrees here.

Elizabeth Warren is running on a platform of policies that will revitalize our community. Medicare for All will lower net health care costs while her plan to establish a $25 billion rural health care access fund will improve lives for north country residents.

The price tags for these policies can sound frightening. However, Warren has created a dollar-for-dollar plan to finance all of these initiatives. Taxes will increase for large corporations and only people with a net worth that exceeds $50 million. More than 99 percent of American households and practically all of the north country will not pay more in taxes. In fact, Medicare for All will help average households save $12,000 a year.

I firmly believe that Elizabeth Warren is the best candidate running and would be a phenomenal president. Over January, my fellow delegate candidates and I will be crisscrossing this district to collect signatures to get Warren on the ballot. Come April, I would be honored to have your support as a delegate in the New York State Democratic primary, and Elizabeth Warren would be proud to have your vote.

Jennifer Zhang


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So delegates are going to be right on the ballot? How do we know who they are planning to represent? Thanks for being willing to travel, but if not for this letter I would have seen the ballot and you would have just been a name. When I was going to Texas Tech in 1992 there were all these posters on bulletin boards talking about precinct meetings after the election. So I went to the elementary school classroom where they were having one and it was like a dozen people and they needed a Jerry Brown delegate to the county convention. So I went to that on the following Saturday at a big auditorium with hundreds of people. And there we elected higher level delegates to the state convention. I wasn't one of them so I don't know where it went from there, presumably something in Austin. New York is clearly different but the thing is all those delegates had some idea who they were voting for and average voters won't have any way to decide. I guess maybe the party puts out a guide of some sort?

Jennifer Zhang

Hi rdsouth,

Thanks for your question! The DNC delegate nomination process is pretty confusing. I wrote a Facebook post explaining the process; here's the link -


Please message me if you have any questions!



Good for you and getting involved!! I disagree with the medicare for all plan that Warren has put forth...and has been shot down by her own party...but it's great to see youth getting involved. I say good for you!


The person above supports Trump, you know, the guy who brags about grabbing women by the privates, and met his wife at a Jeffrey Epstein party.

hermit thrush

go jennifer go!

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