Will schools cut taxes with so much closed?

I would like to acknowledge the daily contributions of people who are trying to keep our lives as normal as possible. There are so many who go unnoticed, and the things we take for granted are the result of their efforts.

When we get a glass of water or we flush the toilet, it works because of our water and sewer department personnel. When we go to the store, there are things on the shelves. If we need our cars repaired, they will try to accommodate us.

People are putting out a newspaper to inform us of recent developments and delivering those papers. The postal workers who are still bringing us the mail, the gas station/mart attendants, food pantry volunteers and many more that I’ve failed to list: They can’t work from home. They put themselves in harm’s way for us.

We thank all of them and their families.

Keith LaLonde


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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(2) comments

hermit thrush

great letter!

Holmes -- the real one

Yes indeed.

Well observed and well written, Keith LaLonde of Clayton.

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