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I would like to share some thoughts on the widespread reports of the long-hidden sexual abuse scandal of the Roman Catholic Church. Millions of people, Christians of all denominations, people of all faiths share the shock and sadness.

I do not personally know any of the victims involved or any of the priests involved.

I know and respect many Catholic priests who are not involved. Their lives and their daily work and Christian services to mankind, in our churches, move me constantly. We know they live with the same sadness and shock as do the rest of us.

Before I became a member of the Catholic Church, as a Protestant Christian I was involved with the Episcopal, Methodist and Baptist churches and also familiar with others.

I have been known to say that I am waiting the pope to contact me to discuss this — which, of course, is an exaggeration.

Virginia H. Collins


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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When the PA Grand Jury report was released in August 2018, Attorney General Josh Shapiro said that, over the course of the investigation, it was learned that clerical sexual abuse, its cover up, and the practice of moving abusers from parish to parish were common knowledge among the clergy (granted, often whispered or unspoken). Shapiro said PA was merely a microcosm of what transpired in dioceses across the country (including in the Diocese of Ogdensburg). Priests knew about clergy sexual abuse. They may not have abused. They may not have known an abuser. They may not have known about specific incidences of abuse. But they knew about the problem of clergy sexual abuse and its cover up. Likely, they first learned about it in their seminaries where incidences occurred with frequency, and where they learned to remain silent. So, while the priests you speak of may be saddened by clergy sexual abuse, they are not shocked by it, except on the level that it was exposed and the degree to which it has made their lives miserable and imperiled the Church. Do you think priests who remained silent in the face of evil are good priests? Do you think priests who chose loyalty to the priesthood and the Church over the protection of children are good priests?

One of the feelings you don't attribute to priests, today, is anger. It's rampant among priests. They are angry with the bishops who engaged in the cover up. They are angry with the bishops, today, who are imbeciles at navigating the clerical abuse crisis. Do you think priests who are angry and remain silent are good (or intelligent) priests?

Often, a person, like yourself, who is a convert to Catholicism, is myopically focused on her spiritual life-- faith, sacraments, rituals, scripture, prayer, etc. But there is more to Catholicism than the faith. There is the organizational Church, presently in a crisis of epic proportion (which threatens the faith). It's important that you be attentive to the fullness of Catholicism-- the faith and the Church. As you participate in the faith, how will you prepare yourself, and what will you do, to concretely affect the Church? Don't wait for the priests you speak of to guide you. They are unprepared, preoccupied, uninspired, disempowered by their bishop, fearful, and the silent-type. Do you think they are good priests?

The priesthood is the bane, plague, torment, and ruination of Catholicism. Are you a good Catholic if you're willing to live with it?


This was open knowledge. When Father John Fallon was caught red-handed with child pornography Bishop Brwanza of Ogdensburg declares him innocent immediately in the newspaper. Father Fallon had been in five different churches in the five years before he was at Altona.

Conservativism has a real pedophila problem. Republicans made Dennis Hastert speaker of the house. Republicans elected Chris Ortloff in Plattsburgh to the NYS Assembly. Trump invited admitted pedophile Ted Nugent to the White House. There was no “shock” that our local Conservative

Church was actively helping pedophiles.

The church in Ogdensburg asked people who go to church for $3,000 to pay for the child molestation costs from lawsuits. Every knees this.

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