Trump and supporters bear blame for crisis

I watched the Democratic debate on Feb. 19. I was amused that all participants want to tax the wealthy to make them pay their fair share.

What a joke. Candidates have forever made this claim. It has never happened, and it never will.

All candidates claimed that they can defeat President Donald Trump in the presidential election. Former Vice President Joe Biden stated that he is the only one of them who can beat Trump.

If U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders had been the Democratic nominee in the 2016 election instead of Hillary Clinton, he would now be president. President Trump’s victory was not so much based on his popularity as it was on the vote against Hillary. I personally would vote for Joe Biden for the same reason; I didn’t vote for Hillary.

Earl L. Nicholson


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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It is so sad when people have had knowledge of recent American history washed away by a lifetime of Fox News.

"What a joke. Candidates have forever made this claim. It has never happened, and it never will."

The top tax rate in America used to be 90% of anything you made over $400,000. That was when America balanced its budgets. Then Ronald Reagan came in and tricked Republicans and American into going into massive debt.

Second, you don't vote 'against' anyone. Sorry. Republicans voted for Trump in record number. Take accountability for your actions, people who say "They were only voting against Hillary" sound like lying children.

Chester Goode

I happily voted FOR Trump and will be pleased to so again. Is that enough accountability?


Melania Trump was pregnant when Trump was cheating on her with adult film star Stormi Daniels. Trump has created the largest budget deficit in American history. Congratulations.

Chester Goode

A despicable act if true but so far unproven. Meanwhile Avenati is in jail, Stormi is dancing for dollars and Trump is President. I'll resist the temptation to detail the proven affairs of assorted Presidents, Senators and contenders and simply assume you were equally outraged with them.

hermit thrush

chester, it has been completely proven. please stop the mental gymnastics.


Trump wrote Stormi Daniels a check for $130,000. It was for a time period when Melania was pregnant. It is proven. The national debt is at an all time high, federal spending at an all time high. Snuffy Smith was a funny show, not a role model.


CG - certain Trump has a dedicated following.. many of whom are party line voters...those who will vote left or right regardless of the candidate...those voters don't election presidents... it's swing swing states... Pa..Fla..Ohio.. those states will elect a president... in NYS.. it really doesn't's 29 electoral votes are already going Democratic..and have since Reagan...take that to the bank.. Voting for Trump is just a feel good act..

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