The GOP is sacrificing itself to hurt Biden

On Nov. 6, Back the Pack held its 11th annual Back the Pack Italian American Club Spaghetti Dinner. Our annual dinner was again this year an overwhelming success thanks to the Italian American Club and all of our wonderful citizens of Massena. Thanks to our supporters, we were able to sell more than 300 dinners.

Our first thank you goes to the Italian American Club and Dan Bronchetti. They have supported our efforts every year since I first approached them at the very beginning of our program in 2011. We thank all of the members who worked so diligently for two days in the kitchen!

Thank you to Dave Polarolo and Jimmy Bronchetti for all of their hard work and to Keith McLean for making sure everything was there ready to cook and serve the dinners. Thank you to our Back the Pack members who worked so hard in the kitchen. A special thank you to the Friday morning crew: Lisa Long, Mara Pelifian and Maria Macaulay who were on meatball duty!

Thank you to Renzi Foodservice for their donation of supplies for the sauce and all of the spaghetti. We also thank Valley Paper for their donation of containers for takeout. A big thank you goes to Mary Anne Layo for handling all of our publicity, which she does every year. We also thank Bob Beckstead and the Courier Observer as well as the FreeTrader.

Thank you to all of our Back the Pack members who, year in and year out, step up and make desserts and work at whatever jobs must be done. Each and every member is a wonderful asset to our organization and they are always willing to take on any tasks that need doing!

Finally, thank you to our supporters in Massena who every year support our dinner and make donations to help us keep Back the Pack going. We could not survive without all of the support we get from our community.

Again, a big thank you Massena! We look forward to seeing you next fall for our 12th annual Back the Pack Italian American Club Spaghetti Dinner.

Julianne C. Paquin


The writer is chairwoman of Back the Pack.

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