Trump hurts 1st Amendment with attacks

Massena Library District?

The board decided that they need to “maintain stability and growth.”

We do not need to maintain growth!

The only growth is in local government and taxes.

This is both of them.

With the ability to directly tax, the budget can continue to grow as the library grows.

We’ll probably need more employees to keep up with the growth.

Our tax bill will grow, of course, as the employees cost more every year as annual salaries and cost of health care grows.

The only things that aren’t growing are Massena and its population.

Local taxation is the main reason people are leaving New York.

The cost to Massena residents will go down as the costs will be spread to Louisville, Brasher and Norfolk when voting takes place as the town of Massena has the votes to assign these tax liabilities to other communities.

Wake up.

These bureaucrats want more so you are going to have less.

When does it end?

Does it end?

Charles McGrath


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Saw this immediately after reading another tired, old & whining letter by the failure of conservatism.

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