Unvaxxed nurses should leave profession

Should we withdraw from Afghanistan by Aug. 31, 2021, the Taliban will take over and horrible things may happen. Should we withdraw by Aug. 31, 2031, the Taliban will take over. Should we withdraw by Aug. 31, 2041, the same thing would happen.

Afghanistan is about the size of Texas but flattened out, as big as Alaska. The population is 39 million, and we outsider invading infidels may have killed as many Afghans as the Taliban these past 20 years.

We’ll never know. You can’t call back a Hellfire missile shot from a Predator drone once the little kids come out of the bunker. Drone operators also get post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Taliban had safe refuge every time we pursued them in neighboring Pakistan with 225 million people and nuclear weapons. We weren’t stupid enough to start a war there as well.

We’d already gone a war too far in Iraq, two wars with no draft and less than 1% of the U.S. people in the military. The U.S. Army War College told then-Joint Chief Chair Gen. Raymond Odierno how “horrible” that move was, like Adolf Hitler invading Russia after declaring war against the United States.

Maybe we’ll stop going into stupid wars. Perhaps stamping out the Taliban would be easier than driving American Christianity underground. But it wouldn’t be a lot easier.

Roland Van Deusen


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The problem is not that Afghanistan is pointless, it's that we have decision making processes that say it isn't pointless because they don't consider all factors. Civilizations often to fall apart because they overextend militarily and can't afford to keep it up. They lose perspective and only see the need to occupy their world at any cost. The means becomes the end. The cost of the hill is disregarded, only the altitude matters.

Charlie McGrath

Extreme ideology and power have never come to any good for the people. The strong shall always prevail. The only way to achieve peace has been by killing a bunch of people at the orders of a few. Afghanistan will remain as it has been for thousands of years. Study some sociology/anthropology about tribalism. It gives the idea that we can't make everyone think like us.


Rather than go to war there, we should have given the Taliban a blank check to turn over OBL and the others. The Bush people thought they’d won in Afghanistan so promptly invaded Iraq with the idea of taking on Iran since they had forces the the east and west of it. Pure hubris.


Whenever you enter a land of tribes with no central government who have been at war with each other forever the mission needs to have a specific goal and exist strategy... Once we leave, they'll go back to war with each other... If this goal was a connection with the 9/11 attack that was accomplished years ago..

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