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To the editor, and residents of Ogdensburg and St. Lawrence County:

The allegations portrayed in a WWNY-TV/7 News report on Tuesday regarding me and my actions involving Ogdensburg City Hall employees are an absolute lie.

7 News ran a story Tuesday and did not include me. They interviewed Ogdensburg City Councilors Dan Skamperle and Mike Powers, both public union guys, who said that I had gone to City Hall in some sort of rage. That is completely untrue.

The facts: After the city clerk refused to let us have a public meeting Monday, I drove to City Hall to talk to her. We have been friends in the past, and she is an excellent employee of city government. But upon arriving, I was told by Ogdensburg Police Chief Andrew Kennedy that I could not go into City Hall.

I could see several officers already inside. Chief Kennedy said I was not allowed inside. He told me he did not like my politics, and we exchanged words but never any vulgarities. Following the exchange, I went home.

The following day on Tuesday, I made several attempts by phone to reach the City Manager Sarah Purdy and City Clerk Cathy Jock. They did not return those attempts. So I drove to City Hall and once again encountered several Ogdensburg city police officers.

I was initially refused access. But after getting inside, I was met by City Manager Purdy and Comptroller Tim Johnson. Ms. Purdy had police offers on the scene and began to cry and told officers she was afraid and felt intimidated. At no time did I say or do anything that was disrespectful or confrontational. The police escorted me to my office and kept an officer outside.

The officers asked to talk to Ms. Purdy, but she said she would only do so if the City Comptroller Tim Johnson was by her side. I conducted my business from my mayor’s office in City Hall and went home.

The games being played by the city manager and police are an obvious attempt to stop the majority of the City Council in Ogdensburg from making cuts to streamline government and save taxpayer dollars.

We are calling for temporary reductions. But we are met by a police state mentality.

We are asking to reduce the 30-member Ogdensburg Police Department by four positions, the Recreation Department by two administrative positions and the Code Enforcement Office by one position. Layoffs are necessary because we are struggling and will struggle financially for the upcoming future because of the economic shutdown due to the novel coronavirus.

We also had economic problems in the city before that.

I will not stand for being slandered by the police and city officials over allegations that are untrue. Everyone in Ogdensburg knows me as a hardworking local business owner.

To be portrayed by the local Deep State politicians as some kind of angry threatening person is unfair, unjust and a blatant lie.

Ogdensburg City Hall and the Police Department should be ashamed for creating this false narrative. Skamperle and Powers also are a disgrace.

Jeffery M. Skelly


The writer is mayor of the city of Ogdensburg.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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The Mayor is in a tough spot. His police force is a bunch of ill trained goon, upset they are goig to be let off. Their 4 week training to become a policeman is inadequate training for any job, including police work. So now, the goons are going after the duly elected mayor, attempting to prevent him from laying them off.

Exactly the work of the black and brown shirts of the past! Fire these idiots Mr. Mayor, do it now!


Skelly ran on reducing gov't debt and was a fair election..and he won by a landslide... he represents a vast majority of the electorate... live with it!


Trump ran on the idea that he is a businessman, yet he inherited hundreds of millions, has gone bankrupt four times, and American banks will not lend to him. That’s why Trump owes hundreds of millions to foreign banks.

Ogdensburg people voted for Trump because they are dumb enough to think Trump is a businessman. The

town is not smart.

Look at this letter “government union guys”!!!! The only good jobs in your region are government union and Republicans want to ban government unions! You can save the stupid.


Ogdensburg has my sincere sympathy.


Every since the tea party clowns came into existence this country has been on a downhill slide. I truly wonder what the future has in store for us. Seriously, will this end in armed conflict? You have people breaking arms of store clerks who are doing their job by refusing entry into stores for those who can't be bothered to wear a face mask. The ignorance and stupidity of the right wing is only getting worse. Unless we don't mind this country being controlled by a bunch of thugs the left needs to take a hard stance. We still are the majority but we need to act like it.

hermit thrush


Holmes -- the real one

An absolutely perfect example of the Peter Turner defense!

More found here:

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