I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Joseph Chrisman, and I am running on the Republican ballot for the village of Clayton mayor.

I have been a resident of this village for several years now and have attended most of the Village Board of Trustees meetings in the past three years.

I believe honesty and openness should be the main focus of these meetings and that all residents’ voices must be heard and respected.

Although I have no municipal experience, I have several strong government, accounting, legal experts and supporters who will assist me in striving for change.

Open government rules will be adhered to; public comments will be taken and respected at meetings; Freedom of Information Law requests and replies will be posted on the village website.

My goal is to be open and have citizen committees assist in gathering necessary public input.

Transparency and communication are key.

I am a decorated veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan.

I have the leadership qualities and integrity needed to assist this village in the future.

I look forward to meeting residents during my door-to-door visits and introduce myself personally in the upcoming weeks.

I would thank all my supporters and hope to include you to that group.

Joseph Chrisman


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Did he find any WMD’s in Iraq? We spent over one trillion (with a T) on that war. I want to make sure he is a typical Republican Budget Hawk. Did we get our money’s worth from that war? Remember Donald Trump has taught us that to win respect of Republicans you should slander veterans like John McCain. So many questions here.

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