Paper must fact-check Cuomo’s comments

Yes, I was in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6. I didn’t make the walk to the U.S. Capitol but wishing I had just to see and feel the intense energy.

I have tried getting an estimate of just how many people attended. The media are keeping it a secret. My estimate is there were 300,000 to 500,000 people there. If we were all pissed off, there wouldn’t be a Capitol.

I have been to D.C. for four of these big rallies. The way the country is going, it’s like none of them matters. The few hundred people who engaged in destruction in the Capitol should be identified and be held accountable for their actions.

The media will never show the peaceful people who were rallying for a purpose. It is amazing just how many people made it happen in a few days. The bus was filled (55 seats) in two days.

It is apparent that millions of people are concerned with the direction the United States is going. I’m confident the 25,000 National Guard troops and razor wire weren’t necessary.

I would like to see an aerial photo to assess just how big the rally was. Glenn Beck, back in August 2010, had the Restoring Honor rally at the Lincoln Memorial. The estimates for people varied from 90,000 to 600,000. Conduct an internet search on Beck’s rally and make your assessment of how many people attended. Compare it to Jan. 6; you can’t.

Newsmax was the only TV outlet that I’ve seen to show an aerial photo from Jan. 6. There were helicopters flying, so there are photos somewhere. The people attending both Glenn Beck’s and the Jan. 6 events were of the same religious mentality. People were happy, smiling and civil. People waiting an hour to use the toilets were talking about the issues and being polite.

The park authorities are their own worst enemy. There are too few garbage cans and toilets. People picked up the litter, but the cans are full. I make eye contact and ask, “Where are you from?” If it wasn’t for the novel coronavirus, you would be exchanging hugs. There were people from all over the country and of all ages.

Talk to anyone from a foreign country, and they don’t understand why we are throwing our Constitution under the bus. There were many people from China there. They were protesting the communism/socialism form of government in China.

I refuse to stop wearing my MAGA hat. What part of America don’t we like?

Charles Kingsley

Three Mile Bay

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hermit thrush

What part of America don’t we like?

stab in the dark here, but maybe it's the 81 million people who defeated your dear leader?


This letter and thank you Charles tells us the difference is why we must pull chairs up to a table and compromise and soon. Conservatives want no holds barred wide open capitalism. Some liberals recognize what we are doing to our world and the fact we cannot increase our food supply through systemic use of pesticides and mono cropping. Some recognize we are destroying the planet with CO2 emissions and systemic use of pesticides which caused Colony Collapse Disorder in our bee population. We got rid of Donald Trump and we know Joe Biden can't do it all but we must begin with him and save the planet and its life. The Orange One is gone.


Driveling on about Jan. 6, his glory day.

Ill-suited for publication.


Glad to hear there were some fine people among the terrorists. There’s so much wrong in this letter, but I’m tired of thinking about the cult leader. I’ll just point out that the letter writer is lucky he didn’t go to the Capitol. He may think those who attacked it were just bad people. They weren’t. They’re just like him. And if he’d been among them, he’d be just as likely to engage in the actions they did. It was a mob, assembled and fueled by Trump and mobs have a mind of their own.


You are an insane, overreactive Big Brother type. A person who disagrees with you and was nowhere near the Capitol breaking is not just like them. Have a little respect.for diversity.


You don’t seem to have any compassion for people who misbehaved at the Capitol because they were swept up in mob mentality. If you don’t want to believe some of them were no different from you or the letter writer, that’s fine. There but for fortune could’ve gone you or I, tho. They’re not bad apples. They’re victims of being brainwashed.


If you are speaking truthfully then, kr, I hope you would advocate for the dropping of all charges against the perpetrators since they are all victims (according to your "logic").


You do realize words can have shades of meaning? They’ve been victimized by Trump and Trump media to the extent they’ve been brainwashed with phrases like “stop the steal” because that’s how that works. They still broke the law, tho. Bad judgment isn’t totally exculpatory. I’m saying that a lot of them are no different than you and your MAGA brethren. Look closely at them when they go on trial.


I dunno. I think a lot of times being in a crowd changes your personality some, but also there's a selection effect acting just on who gets in the crowd.


Few would argue that having a political rally in support of conservative values is anyone's right... Not recognizing Trump's involvement with inciting the mob is naive or deliberate ... Calling for Pence to overturn the election??? Calling him a pu$$y???? Telling McCarthy maybe the mob cared more than he did about the election results..versus calling off the mob... As soon as more of the GOP acknowledges it's not Trump's policies but his character that's the issue, we'll all be better off..

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