Stefanik will handily win the race in NY-21

What do we know about our leaders? Those we have learned to respect have lives and actions taken apart by history. We find people now looking down on so many that did bad and good but led the nation to keep it whole when issues could have broken it apart.

Slavery is just one issue of injustice of the past. Our history is filled by those who have exploited others for their own elevation. Exploitation was not just directed or continues to be toward one group.

Our system of capitalism has demanded that each strive for being either at the top or to have the most, combined with a general rejection of anything not proven by having an educational system forbidding anything else has produced that.

Our entire society is controlled now by people achieving such. And the primacy of the self has become our religion.

But it remains our nature to believe what is not there. And that will not be denied. Think of everything that was not proven that gave and gives your life meaning.

Belief is part of all of us. And much of what we do comes from that.

Doug Anderson


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Holmes -- the real one

But in the end, Doug Anderson of Watertown, it comes down to what you actually do.


Turns out, a lot of people we were taught to admire weren't all that. They played important roles, but also did bad things. For example, many historical Americans were involved in slavery. But literal chattel slavery is just one form of exploitation. Similar oppression continues in other forms. Capitalism encourages a mindset that devalues anyone who isn't rich, important, or well educated. Both that capitalism that vaunted education devalue faith, and it is that devaluing of faith that underlies the modern forms of oppression. Selfish, money grubbing doubters are running everything nowadays, but people have a natural tendency to believe things without evidence. No matter how rational we all think we are, ultimately, we don't resort to reason when we select our values. Those ends we care most about don't need to be justified because everything else is a means, justified in reference to those sentimental foundations.

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