Article on water-level issues was well done

I encourage everyone to read the Mueller Report. It can be downloaded to a Kindle for $1.99. I find the report to be very readable, and it provides documented details about the Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election. I’ve only read 15 percent of the report. But whether the Trump organization conspired with the Russians or Trump himself colluded to obstruct justice, it is clear that the Russian involvement was designed to elect Trump. From the report, it’s hard to tell if the Trump organization was just inept, corrupt or both.

I know it’s difficult to speak with Trump supporters about the possibility that this is a corrupt organization that is selling the country down the drain for personal gain. Whatever your persuasion, please read the report with an open mind.

I wonder if Congress and especially U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik have read the report and if they have, why they are not outraged. It is clear that the Russians did not want Clinton to become president. They apparently didn’t want Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders either. I wonder why. Could it be the Russians found Trump’s ego easier to maneuver?

Most disconcerting is Congress’s lack of integrity and outrage. Where is the leadership demanding that we take strong actions to prevent tampering and control of future elections? After reading the Mueller Report, you could conclude President Trump is exonerated of conspiracy and collusion to obstruct justice. This is if you also believe President Trump doesn’t lie.

Dave Stone


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Three letters, WWW answers it all. Anyone anywhere can "interfere" with American elections. It is said Al Gore invented the internet, blame him.


Al Gore lead the commercialization of the Internet. People who voted Jeffrey Epstein's BFF to be president say "Al Gore invented the Internet".

Mack the Knife

The Mueller report does establish that, in fact, members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities. How is this possible? It’s the difference between the report’s criminal prosecution standard of proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” and a lower standard — the preponderance standard of “more likely than not” — relevant for counterintelligence and general parlance about facts, and closer to the proper standard for impeachment.


President Trump. plus no one in his election committee. had anything to do with Russian interference in the 2016 election. The Russians have been trying to do that for years.not just 2016. And they have been interfering without any assistance of any U.S. election organization. They didn't want Hillary to be President, fine. They didn't want this person or that person to be President, fine. It's not up to the Russians to ensure that the U.S. elections are secure. It's up to the U.S. If you leave your backdoor open and someone walks in, it's not their fault, it's your fault. Obama knew the Russians were interfering in 2016 and what did he do? He asked Putin to..."Stop it." The idea that Trump, or anyone in his organization, solicited the help of the Russians is false, but it will live on forever because Trump's election has to be explained by the disbelievers and they will grab at anything.

hermit thrush

"russia i hope you find hillary's missing emails" -- i mean, i just don't know how people like fwfigher can maintain this fiction that trump didn't solicit help from russia. it's literally right there on tape. also too, obama tried to rally congress to take a bipartisan stand against russia during the election, but mcconnell wouldn't go along with it because he knew the meddling would help republicans. shame on all of you.


Watching the mental gymnastics conservatives perform to justify Trump is amazing. We are all looking forward to hearing how Trump was just reading bedtime stories to little girls at Jeffrey Epstein’s house.


I agree with your letter. The report is also available for free through Audible and is accompanied with a free PDF file for download. There really is no excuse not to read it if you are interested in what actually happened, and shouldn't we all be interested in that?


tRump's a crook and his supporters are a shameful disgrace.


How many times is this guy going to get to comment here? Not an ounce of intelligent thought or conversation. Just plain name calling and hate speech. I would suspect though after reading so many comments from the rockloper this person is a Russian troll.


Are you triggered by Rockloper's comments? Safe spaces are available. You are a Trump supporter and are complaining about insults. So funny!

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