The GOP is sacrificing itself to hurt Biden

In the past if there was no candidate from a specific political party, that line was left blank. In the recent election, there were Democrat candidates on Republican lines and Republican candidates on Democrat lines.

How can someone represent both sides of the aisle? Do they not have a specific ideology of how to achieve goals? How can someone be both on the left and on the right? I believe this can be confusing to some as to how the ballots presented the candidates and what they supposedly believe and stand for. Current elections and the way they are being conducted is already being questioned, and rightfully so. This should be, in my opinion and the opinion of others with whom I have spoken, included in that examination and hopefully corrections to be made.

Judith Blessinger-Neary


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Politicians can have conflicting opinions depending on who they're talking to. Don't judge.

Joseph Savoca

Voters judging candidates by their party affiliation rather than the content of their character...


The author should consider voting for the person...not the party... few GOPer's are far right....few Dem's are far left...the electorate is mostly made up of those near the middle...what you hear daily are the squeaky wheels on the fringe of both parties...

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